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Carol Lockyer


Where do I start.. My toilet , it leaks.the seat is hanging off, the cistern looks like it's going to fall off the wall at any moment, it's held on to the wall with one dodgy screw . I mentally keep my fingers crossed when myself or anyone else uses it! My shower,25 yrs old and looks it. I won't use it because it leaks and I end up with water flooding into my cellar. My daughter insists on using it, she doesn't like having a bath, so long as she makes sure the water doesn't run down the tiled area it doesn't leak too badly..My bath,nice and big, old enamal,looks bad where the wrong cleaning products used have discouloured it , also as I discovered when I forgot I was filling it up once the overflow isn't actually connected to anything, big flood in kitchen on that occasion. The bathroom suite is the same one that was in the house when we moved in 25 yrs ago , salmon pink and dates to the sixties I think. Apart from the toilet bowl which is white,which replaced the pink one when it broke 15 yrs ago , cistern still salmon pink though. I try to patch it up i.m not too great at diy,but I try. Don't like to tackle plumbing really i'm scared I would end up making it worse...

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