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Britain's Worst Bathroom 2017 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Karen fraser


My birthday was the 9th of June and it was bad enough turning 30 on my own, I went for a shower and it made a bang it no longer works. I went to run a bath and my cold tap wouldn't turn so now I have to wait until my boiler drops in pressure to have the hot tap running cold to fill it up so much and then get my boiler back up to get hot water out the same tap. Takes forever to fill a bath for me and my wee girl to share it. If the boiler goes down at night we stay cold and use extra blankets and clothes so that I can run cold water into the bath in he morning as if I top boiler up for heating I need to stand with a cup and use an alternative tap to fill the bath with cold water.i haven't had a shower in a month. The bath keeps going mouldy the tiles are orange in the grout and I have a bath panel which is cracked and goes orange. My wee girl can't flush the toilet as the button sticks and it keeps running water constantly then won't flush again. My bathroom had a stinking carpet because the previous owner let their cat pee in the bathroom I got it lifted bleached floors and got flooring put down as this is all I could afford. Would mean the world to me and my daughter to walk into a nice bathroom and just have something work for once without having to get up hours earlier to prepare to get washed. Every vote is appreciated. Thank you

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