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Britain's Worst Bathroom 2017 - COMPETITION CLOSED

Congratulations to the winner!

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Karen McLernon


I have lived here for 8 years now and have yet been able to revamp the bathroom so winning this would be a great help. Firstly the shower has never been plumbed in properly as you can see from pics, it should actually sit flush with the wall but instead it protrudes with white sealant around the pipework. The sealant bursts all the time due to slight movement when turning the shower on and off. Secondly, the bath has a chip and enamel has came away altogether. This has been refilled previously but as seen in pics it is very noticeable. Thirdly, the bath drain hasn't been fitted properly and has white sealant (very messy applied which I may add) around it. Fourth, the sink drain has a clear sealant around it but is very disgusting looking as seen in pics. I often have to leave bleach sitting around that to make it look not so grimy but it still doesn't come up proper clean. Fifth, sealant around the bath is forever having to be replaced as it's forever cracking and coming away from bath. When shower is used, have to be very careful so as not to have water run down to ruin floorboards and cause damp etc. Sixth, there is no extractor fan installed and although window can be opened it doesn't always help with steam and condensation issues. Seventh the recessed lights could be doing with being replaced. Eighth, the bath panel won't remain flush with the bath no more and sticks out as seen in pics. And lastly the tiles on flooring require to be regrouted as the grout has came away all together in some parts. All in all I'd love the bathroom to be revamped and brought up to a more modern feel with vanity units etc installed. As a female and single home owner, I would love to be able to enjoy relaxing in a hot bath with a nice glass of bubbly in beautiful new surroundings. Please vote for me..... thank you!

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