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Britain's Worst Bathroom 2017 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Debbie hudson


I'm a busy single mum with 3 daughters so my bathroom had gotten allot of wear and tear. Somehow the I didn't do it fairy has cracked the sink, broken the toilet seat off and the hand held shower has a mind of its own and now sprays in all direction from the hose instead of the shower head. The light has to stay on permanently as the pull switch is broken and I have to change the lightbulb by turning off the power. Because the bathroom installer was probably enjoying a little mischief of his own the pipe runoffs aren't at a deep enough angle so the pipes quickly become backed up meaning if you try to put a large volume of water through them they quickly become blocked and loudly gurgle their displeasure. As a poorly paid midwife this type of Diy is way out of my skill set and my budget.....I can only dream

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