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David Jones


Where do I start!? So it's an off white/cream tile with shells in which was ok 20 years ago when it was put it. The corner bath has now got my dads DIY style wooden panels around where the original plastic surround no longer is, as it broke years ago. We've got a larger than life shower which doesn't even match the rest of the bathroom as it's a white tray with silver surround even though we've got brass fittings on everything else! The old shower had to be ripped out as it was leaking so again DIY DAD, decided to use the opportunity to raise the shower so there's a Woden raised bit where you step on before going into the shower. That currently has two carpet tiles as it's floor which doesn't even cover it and to top it all DIY DAD re-tiled the inside of the shower a different brownish colour tile on top of the older tiles for 'added protection'. It's a complete mess this has been driving my mum crazy for years please help!

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