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Britain's Worst Bathroom 2017 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Somia Naheed


Bathroom horror story!!
Bathroom is the size of a cupboard. If we don't come across a creepy crawly while doing our business then we consider ourselves fortunate. Ceilings got these rank grey plastic tiles which flattens off the roof, but takes out a big chunk of the ceiling. But the positive of this is it hides the black mould behind it and protects us from the loose wiring of the light bulb. Can't even lock the door as we have an slide door. Only way to gauge if someone is in if the light is on (we keep the door closed to contain the creepy crawlies inside). Tiling on the walls is uneven and I'm going to say dull periwinkle. Help us come into the right century. As newly weds it would be great to have a bath that we can enjoy and relax in after a hard days work especially after our 90 min commute.

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