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helen Rees


Well, where shall I start, we had polystyrene tiles on the ceiling but i pulled them down, were now left with bare plasterboard which looks like it wants to fall down, the wallpaper (what's left of it) is a very fetching pink and white textured pattern, the tiles are a mixture of white and pink too, very 1970's. The sink is missing a tap handle, not that we can use the sink as the drainage isnt plumbed in at the moment, this has resulted in water running down the walls and into my living room below. The bath is all stained and missing it's panel, which my children hate as it's so dark underneath and there's cobwebs and spiders. The only good thing about my toilet is that it flushes. The shower I have over my bath no longer works and with 5 children and 2 adults living in the house, its a nightmare. We also still have a window that needs blocking up properly but with a husband (ex bricklayer) who works 50+ hours a week and who gets up at 3am 5 days a week to go to work, he just hasn't got the energy to do it. I like to close the door to my bathroom and pretend that it's not there...

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