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Britain's Worst Bathroom 2017 - COMPETITION CLOSED

Congratulations to the winner!

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Mrs Cunningham


My husband and his disabled brother, have been living in this home for over twenty years. They have never had any thing replaced in their bathroom. Consequently there is black mold, leaks from under the tub, a constant smell of mildew and a piece of wood covering the tub that is dangerous due to age and condition. Many of the tiles around the tub are broken or cracked.

My husband has worked full time since before he joined the army. He served in the army for ten years. Since then he has barely made minimum wage and works over fifty hours a week to make sure that his brother is well cared for. He has been his brothers care giver since their mom died and he has never once complained.

My brother in law needs a shower desperately instead of a tub. My husband has to lift him in and out of the bath. Having this make over would mean 'the world' to both of them. My husband could begin to,heal his back, and my brother in law would be able to live more independently. The landlord has said that it will likely be 2050 before the bathrooms are replaced. Please help,us be able to help ourselves and be safer.

Mrs. Geralyn Cunningham

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