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Britain's Worst Bathroom 2017 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Doug Gray


Fitted in 1975,I`d say that "fitted" would be a loose term now,on account of everything being er,loose.The toilet pan wobbles around when you plonk yourself on it.The plastic cistern is hanging onto the wall for dear life with two rusted out screws,I reckon it`s the rawl plugs that are holding it up.The flush mechanism is wired together and there`s an out-of order notice over the handle.The loo is flushed using buckets of water from the garden rainwater tanks.The wash basin is insecure and hot water tap isn`t because the immersion tank doesn`t.I fitted an isolater to the input side of the tank because the shut-off valve doesn`t.There is a shower on the wall,but it doesn`t.Not connected up to the mains.The bath is wibbly-wobbly and now doubles as a storage container,the cold tap drip-drips continuously.The bathroom ceiling has no insulation and the floor is old lino tiles on concrete and is like standing on ice.The walls were originally sized using a hideous bile yellow gloss paint and I`ve given up trying to remove it so as to undertake any tiling...what tiling,oh yeah the cracked windowsill ones.Then there`s the black mold everywhere,especially around the leaking mains water on-off tap,that is now an on-on tap.That mold`s unhealthy,right? How do you keep clean, I hear you ask with screwed up noses?Well I have a squaddie wash,after boiling a pan on the gas stove.Add a few drops of Lugols iodine and some Dead Sea Salts,a good rub down with a rough flannel,and I`m as clean as anyone,haha.
What would a new bathroom mean to me?Better health and surviving this winter!
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Edit(19/07/17):Wow,one vote.Thanks to whoever gave me that,very kind.99.9% of the bathrooms on here would be luxury for me.When the three winners are announced,consider me for their cast offs,as that`ll be a major upgrade for me.
Just seen one bathroom with 92 votes,goodness me,they must have a lot of friends online.That bathroom would do me proud,haha.

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