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Sarah Whorne


Thirteen years ago a couple moved into tha house full of hopes and dreams. They were lucky enough to have 2 lovely children but then sadly their son became ill with severe eczema and they then had to concentrate all their energy, for about 5 years, on caring for him involving hospital stays and, often fortnightly appointments. Both working part time to care for him nothing got fixed in the house. Happily he is now much better and has been so for over a year and the family can think about happier things. The bathroom however has suffered from the lack of care and attention and needs some help. There is some black mound on the walls that needs banishing, the bath is chipped, the sink has a plug which is meant to be pushed up with a mechanism but we now have to claw out with our finger nails, the cork flooring is coming up where the water has dribbled down the Perspex shower divider. The bath is chipped from the plug being dropped in it and the shower is so old it still runs on hot and cold water meaning the tiniest movement of the dial makes the water scorching or frozen (also no-one can run water when the shower is on for the same reason.) Winning this prize could transform the bathroom, make it proud to be a bathroom, and, maybe even, make the now 8 year old boy love to shower and wash. Although that might be asking too much... When you look at the photos imagine horror movie noise in your head. That is how the bathroom feels, it is stuck in a horror movie. Please help!

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