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Sam Pollard


Oh dear where do I start... my bathroom IS in a dire state of repairs 😟 I sit and only dream of a Victoria Plum bathroom. I see the adverts of beautiful dream bathrooms and I just cry 😭 I really would love a new bathroom because it is costing me a fortune in mascara... after reapplying constantly from all the tears!!
It's the most mismatched bathroom ever... I didn't chose it, I think the previous owner went to a bathroom 99% off sale... in a candlelit showroom 😬
It's a small bathroom with a sink with a colosseum base... who would do such a thing? it takes half the floor space. Oh and don't get me started on the toilet (explaining how bad it is... that is) it did have a mahogany toilet seat which I soon discovered is not a standard size, it's a weird square so thought why not paint it, add a bit of glitter and jazz it up a bit. Ok I tried but it obviously wasn't the best toilet seat. The toilet and towel holders have tap decor on with hot and cold on... 😬
The bath taps swizzle around when I turn them on.
My spot lights have gone rusty (I just pretend to myself it's the industrial look).
I have a ceiling that I tried a paint effect on to hide the long crack (I like to think of it as art)
The shower head is possessed with what sounds like deathly screams... I switch it on 😱, not the most relaxing start to the day.
Only last week the light pull broke, my neighbour managed to fit a spare one he had but it's too small so there's a little hole in the ceiling, oh and then the bead on the end keeps falling off.
The pipes around the edges are like another vintage style... peeling paint on copper look.
My bath side is some steel a friend had spare from years ago as there wasn't a bath panel on... again a bit industrial.
The cabinets on the wall are a mismatch, I'm just waiting for the shampoo bottles to fall through the bottom of one due to the rust.
The shower curtain pole is no nailed up and has a rust effect going on too.
The little radiator is a bog standard one... (in this case a industrial look would have fitted in)
So as you can see I have an eclectic looking bathroom going on a total mismatch of eras and styles 🙄
I am welling up just writing this, 😢I didn't realise how bad it really is (ok I did but this has just reminded me 😟) I have tried my best, being a single female DIY novice, but it really needs expert help!!!
Please please pick me... I am desperate!! Thanks 🙏🏻
Ps I couldn't fit myself completely in my bathroom for a pic... but check out my very own colosseum!!

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