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Hannah Dean


My bathroom is in dire need of a makeover because I have recently moved into a property with a wet room, before moving in the landlord (council) Said that converting the wet room back into a bathroom which it originally was would not be a problem. Since moving in, they have decided that they will not carry out the work to put a bath in for my disabled daughter. My daughter is five years old and has complex needs she is absolutely petrified of showers. In order to bath her at the moment I am having to take her to her nans house as she will not set foot in the bathroom in its current state. The landlord has no problem with the wet room becoming a bathroom again but it has to be at my cost. My daughters occupational therapist also agrees that she is In need of a bath but as the wet room was a conversion from a bathroom in the first place we will not get funding to convert it back so the cost falls solely with me. A cost I cannot afford. The wet room is approximately 10 years old the flooring is coming away at the seams and is slippery it is a real hazard and is very dated,the noise from the drain and the toilet flushing has scared my other daughter into thinking there is something seriously wrong. I am at my wits end all I want is to be able to bath my children in their own home. In order for me to fund putting a bath in it it's going to take me months in order to save the money, that is months of having to bath them at my mothers house. It is of dire importance that we have a bath for my daughter as she has limited understanding and communication and is epileptic. When she is ill which is very frequently and she get a temperature it can cause more seizures so being able to keep her cool is of vital importance something which at the moment it's very difficult as she is having to be either sponge down from a bowl or or taken to her Nans house

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