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marie hooper

Barrow In Furness 

I bought my house days before my baby was born and due to a lack of money could only afford quite a run down house, I have been made redundant twice in two years since then too so money was tight but I managed to get the essentials done such as windows, electrics and heating and decorated the children's rooms to ensure they were warm and cosy but there's still lots to do in the house and although I am working again now I have just took time off sick as I broke my jaw and I didn't qualify for sick pay so had to rely on my credit cards to pay for things we needed, so now I have credit to pay off before I can even start trying to save up to get my bathroom done which I would love as i need to be able to relax in there but currently its a state. The flooring was never put back down properly after I had the electrics done, there's holes in the wall where one size radiator was took off and another put on, the bath panel doesn't attach properly so the cat always pulls it off to go under the bath for some reason, the shower doesn't keep water at a constant temperature, the toilet leaks which has gone through the bathroom floor into the hallway ceiling below it and broke the electric connection to the downstairs hallway light meaning the kids have to walk up and downstairs with a torch when its dark, the sink is very wide so takes up too much room but its only very shallow so the water bounces out when you run the taps and the bath taps are loose and have barely any pressure so it takes forever to fill a bath and the ceiling needs re-plastering. If I win I would obviously be contributing towards the makeover too as there's alot to be done but winning two thousand towards it would mean the world too me as I can then come home from work and have a relaxing bath to ease my muscles before I have to start preparing my families meals, helping with homework e.t.c

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