Why this summer is a great time to improve your home

Looking after your home is like the proverbial painting of the Forth Bridge (and while we think of it, wouldn’t that lovely red colour look great in your dining room?). As soon as you think it’s finished, it all needs starting again. Homes are a constant work in progress.

Some things demand immediate attention - your boiler going on the blink, damp patches appearing on the ceiling, a broken window pane. Thankfully, if you’re reading this, you’re already in the right place to find gas engineers, plumbers and glaziers to attend any emergency.

Other jobs are less urgent, but can still have a big impact on your home. Decoration, refurbishments, even extensions or loft conversions - there might not be a deadline on doing them, but the difference they make is enormous.

But if there’s no timeline to do them, why is now the right moment? Well, here are a few reasons...


You definitely know what you want...

The last 18 months have meant nearly all of us are better acquainted with our homes than we ever expected to be. As well as being the place you eat, sleep, do chores and watch reality TV, for lots of us it also had to double as an office, classroom, gym, restaurant, and everything else in between.

You know your home inside out (mainly inside, let's be honest). You know the bits that are good, and the bits that could use a spot of TLC. You know if you need your space to keep being flexible, or if there’s a room you want to dedicate to one special focus, be that a cinema room, workout studio or haven for crafting.

Now your mind is made up on what you need, there’s nothing to stop you from doing it - so post a job, find the right tradesperson, and get it booked in.


You have a blank slate...

June 2021 was the busiest month for home sales on record, with the stamp duty holiday helping juice the housing market to historic levels.

Moving house typically prompts a range of quick jobs that need doing, from changing out the locks to making sure the boiler is working as expected (buyer beware…).

But there are a range of other home improvement projects you might be inspired to take on when presented with a fresh canvas to work with. From fitting a new luxurious bathroom to a complete decorative facelift, the world is your oyster (and oyster grey is a lovely colour for a luxury bathroom).

So if you’re one of the army of people who’s moved a step up the property ladder in recent months, there’s no better chance to get your new home in the shape you want it. And if you’re already in your forever home, seeing it with a fresh pair of eyes can’t hurt.


Weather makes work go quicker...

Look, tradespeople are no shrinking violets. It takes more than an unusually hot day or spot of rain to throw them off their game, when they’re used to what the Great British weather can chuck at them. Work happens day in, day out, all year round - and usually on weekends too.

Having said that, everything seems to go that much smoother when the weather is decent. There’s no chasing flyaway materials, or scrabbling round to cover up still-drying mortar when a shower breaks out - you can just crack on with the job in hand.

They say fix the roof when the sun shines, but why stop with the roof?


You’re never had more information to hand...

Taking on any kind of home improvement project used to be a huge leap of faith.

For one thing, you probably don’t know much about the work that needs doing - you might know what colour you want the wall painting (assuming it dries the same colour as you expected - make sure you test in an unobtrusive corner first!), but when it comes to true technical questions, how up to speed are you? You’re probably going to have to trust your tradesperson.

Which leads us on to another issue - knowing who to trust with your job. Back in the day, word of mouth was your best bet, but a tradesperson is only ever as good as their last job, and just because your neighbour’s friend’s brother-in-law said they’re good doesn’t necessarily count for that much.

Luckily, you now have MyBuilder in your pocket, where you can read every piece of feedback from real customers to get a true picture of how a tradesperson works, and make sure they know one end of a screwdriver from another.

MyBuilder wants to arm you with other knowledge too. From how much a job costs, to how to navigate skip hire, planning permission, noise constraints and plenty more, our advice guides can help you go from idle daydream to snag-free reality. You can even ask our tradespeople questions directly, so you have everything you need.

With everything lined up, there’s no reason not to book a job today and turn your friends green with envy - which, come to think of it, would be a lovely colour for your new kitchen tiles...

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