What’s that smell?


There’s nothing worse than opening your front door and being greeted by a suspicious smell. And although some of them are easily solved, by emptying the bin or washing the pots, more serious home issues can cause smells. It might be an easy problem to fix; open a few windows or spray some air freshener.


But what if the smell doesn’t go away? We’re here to help you identify what can cause those stinky situations and the perfect tradesperson to sort it out. Then you’ll have a safe, sweet-smelling haven.



Does your bedroom smell like musty old clothes? Chances are it’s either a mould or damp problem. If you don’t have a damp-proof course or it’s not working properly, water can seep through your bricks and into your internal walls. You might see tell-tale signs like peeling wallpaper or tide marks, and that’s the time to get a damp proofing expert in.

If you’ve got a problem with condensation and dampness you might get the same inside-of-an-old-wardrobe smell, and you might spot black marks on the walls or around windows. A condensation control expert can help you narrow down what’s causing the problem and give you advice on prevention.


Gas leaks

Did you know gas is odourless? Another gas called mercaptan is added to our supply to give it that recognisable smell, often mistaken for rotten eggs.

A gas leak is an emergency and you should never ignore the smell. As quickly as you can open all your doors and windows and turn off your gas emergency shut-off valve at your meter.

Don’t light any flames or use any switches and call the National Gas Emergency service number in your area. They’ll help you track down the problem, and if it’s an appliance, you should find a Gas Safe registered engineer to fix it before you use it again.

Keep yourself and your home safe all year round by booking an annual gas check-up and getting a carbon monoxide monitor.



Electrical problems

Fishy smell in your home? Believe it or not, it could be an electrical problem. When electrical components overheat they can give off a distinctive odour. If you smell fish and didn’t have cod and chips last night, you need to find a qualified electrician immediately. They can track down what’s gone wrong and help prevent electrical fires.




Whiffy smell coming up from your plugholes or outside drains? There can be many causes, and the fastest way to deal with them is to get an expert drainage tradesperson in. It can be something simple like a small clog or sitting water, but it can also indicate a more serious issue like a collapsed sewer. It’s easy to ignore a brief bad smell, but it’s best to deal with them. Otherwise you can be storing up serious problems for the future.



Extractor fans

The number one job you can do to prevent damp in your bathroom and kitchen is to install an extractor fan. It’s a quick and easy job for most tradespeople, but it’ll protect you from more significant problems like mould or peeling plaster and wallpaper.


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