Tradesman of the month: David Lowndes

We met up with Dave Lowndes of D.L.Builders who is our July’s Tradesman of the month, on a job in Liverpool. It was a full refurb that he’d won through a contact made on MyBuilder. Dave of DL Builders has worked as a tradesman for over 25 years, primarily working as a plasterer and joiner.

dave The job we visited was a huge refurb of an old pub in the centre of the city. This rundown boozer had been turned into luxury student accommodation by Dave and his team, it required gutting and renovation of the whole building. Each room had it’s own en-suite bathroom and there were shared kitchens on each floor. It was looking immaculate as he was coming to the end of the project.

So of course we asked, how did he bag such a big job?

“The guy posted a different job - he shortlisted me but didn’t hire me at the time. He kept my number, then got in touch and gave me this job. It was an £18 lead that I didn’t get hired for initially. Using MyBuilder you don’t win every job you get shortlisted for, but like this one, sometimes you hear back months later about other projects which makes it worth it.”

“The landlord who owns this property has a lot of houses in Liverpool. He says that he’s going to give us any future work, because he’s so pleased with this job we’ve done. All from a job I wasn’t even hired for!”


Using MyBuilder for the past 5 years

Dave has been with MyBuilder since 2010 and has 42 feedback. For someone who takes on such large jobs, it’s a great amount of feedback. Restoration & refurb jobs are what keep him busy from the site. He’s also had a lot of repeat customers, as well as multiple word of mouth recommendations.

“There is loads of work in Liverpool!” he tells us, “all my customers through MyBuilder have been really comfortable because of the site, they all say how good it is. I feel like they put a bit more trust in me because of my profile than they would outside of the site.”

Selling yourself and making your customers trust you

“You don’t get anyone stopping you nowadays, or seeing your number on a van and ringing you. People are too scared to do that, because they don’t know you and have no way of knowing if your work is good. People only hire through word of mouth if you have come highly recommended, or through MyBuilder because of the feedback and your profile. It makes them feel more comfortable.”


Dave explained that as long as you do a great job, the knock on effect is ‘phenomenal’. You start to go out to a bigger audience; family and friends. Just a bit of plastering work can lead to so much more if the original job poster recommends you.

But before you’ll be recommended, it’s so important to make sure you leave a good impression on the customer. Great customer service, being prompt, staying polite and courteous are all things Dave makes sure to do.

“Once you gain that trust from a customer - they’ll carry on ringing you.” says Dave.

How Dave got started on MyBuilder

“The initial £70-odd of fees, you have to try and get that money back ASAP. If you throw enough shit at the fan, some things have got to stick!” exclaimed Dave.

He feels that when you spend money, you do win jobs eventually, and that it’s worth sticking it out during those first few weeks.

Dave’s tips to winning initial jobs

“Make sure you go in as competitively as possible with your pricing to make sure you win it”, he explained. "At first you have to go in a little bit lower than you normally would. Once you get those initial feedbacks other customers will want you because of them, and that's when you start to get busy."

Congratulations to Dave, and we hope you continue to win great jobs through the site!

If you’d like to hire a tradesman like Dave, post a job on MyBuilder today.

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