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Recently we hit a big landmark in the history of MyBuilder. Vin Patel, of Ohm Electrical, became the first tradesman to reach 500 positive online reviews. We were so excited by this that went out to surprise Vin while he was at a customers’ house.

After losing his job contracting, Vin went back to his first love by training as an electrician. We asked Vin about the secret to his success and he was more than happy to give some advice as to how he has achieved so much in just three short years.

Even though Vin now has a record number of feedback, he still recalls how hard it was to get started on MyBuilder, “I only had a couple of references and no feedback.” He decided on a novel approach to winning his first job, by offering a no satisfaction, no fee policy for his first customer. “I said to them ‘give me a chance, if you’re not happy don’t pay me.’”

Although Vin knows the first few months with MyBuilder can be tough, it’s important that you shouldn’t give up. “Keep showing interest in leads and the success will come”, he said, “...but also make sure not to compromise on your pricing, after all, you have to make a living.”


For the best chance of winning jobs on MyBuilder, Vin suggests responding to each new lead as soon as possible. When visiting, give a thorough explanation of what needs to be done and provide a detailed quote. These straight-forward steps will put you on the path to success.

Vin always ensures he communicates with his clients if things don’t go to plan, warning that the alternative can often lead to negative feedback. If things are going over-budget or you don’t feel comfortable completing the work, Vin believes it’s best to be upfront with the customer as soon as possible to reach an agreeable solution.

Once a job is completed, Vin ensures that the customer is absolutely happy with the work before leaving. “I will ask a number of questions, even down to details like the presentation of my team. I make eye contact when asking my client, then I can be confident they will leave feedback soon.” Finally he then chases up for feedback via text, email or through the MyBuilder messaging system.

[caption id="attachment_3637" align="aligncenter" width="557"]Vin showing off his gift from MyBuilder Vin showing off his gift from MyBuilder[/caption]

It’s no surprise that Vin is a committed member of MyBuilder, he believes it delivers great value for money. “One of the huge positives of using MyBuilder is the work they do to make sure tradesmen come high in the Google ranking. It’s difficult to be noticed on the internet but my profile gets a lot of attention and even results in people ringing me directly after seeing my feedback.”

Vin is aware there are lots of other great tradesmen on the site who would love to steal his crown, but he has no intention of slowing down. Not content with reaching 500 feedback, he now has his eyes on 1000 feedback. Congratulations and good luck Vin!

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  1. I had some fencing put up by Ian Campbell who I found on my builder website. I was given a quote within 24 hrs and my job was done the following week all works completed to a high standard and on time , can't fault Ian's workmanship and would recommend his services

  2. Well done Vin
    Tiziano Perera

  3. Dear Tiziano,

    Many thanks , I hope you are doing well on

    Since i added my GAS , Heating and Plumbing its keeping me very busy.

    I often need extra hands which is hard to find to expand my team.

    Kind regards,


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