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There is huge value in an attractive master bedroom, given that it’s a space where we spend so much time.

The first thing to consider is the size of the bed you’re hoping to put in, particularly if you’re thinking of a 1.9m x 2m superking. Sometimes it’s useful to work backwards from there, bearing in mind the need to allow space for bedside tables and circulation around the foot of the bed.

From there you can consider other options, such as whether to have fixed or freestanding wardrobes, standard lamps and chests of drawers. There’s a trend for glamorous seating in bedrooms such as sofas and armchairs, but ask yourself if you really have the space.

For a master bedroom that has real wow factor, the key ingredients are a big bed, a walk-in wardrobe and an en suite bathroom. If your space or budget doesn’t stretch to all of those, then the most desirable feature is an en suite – down the line this will prove a big draw for buyers.

There are other factors to consider. A variety of light sources are important for your bedroom’s various uses.

Some people like to have freestanding lighting on bedside tables, but if you’re really going to town, consider fixed lighting with convenient switch locations.

Space can be restricted by radiators, chimney breasts and windows – all costly to remove. So work around them. Fitted wardrobes can be useful to hide skeilings (the sloping shapes found in some upstairs ceilings). Chimney breasts also offer ready-made alcoves for wardrobes and shelving. 

It’s unlikely you’ll need a contractor for some of the basic stuff, but for the bigger features you might need help. In this case let any contractor know the room’s approximate size, your intentions and what you hope to achieve.

Time spent on this space really is time well spent – after all, a bedroom is for much more than just sleep.

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