Don't Let the Next Storm Catch You Out

Lee Picknell - Fascias, Soffits and Guttering

Weather phenomena like "Storm Doris" may not have the most dramatic names in the world, but when they become “weather bombs”, it can feel a bit more serious. When Doris was disrupting travel and damaging property around the country, it definitely made its presence felt, and with mixed weather on the way, there’s no time like the present to think about how your home will cope in a storm.

Fix your fencing

Fencing, especially when it’s old and neglected, is one of the most common casualties of bad weather and strong winds. You can prepare for the worst by checking for loose boards or panels, and making sure posts are still deeply rooted. If it does suffer damage, an experienced fencer can help repair or replace the affected areas.

Ready your roof

Another common victim of high winds and lashing rain, it only takes a small amount of damage to a roof to lead to big problems down the line. A few tiles out of place can lead to major leaks, which can mean significant redecoration. If you’re worried, consult a roofer. Danny Morgan of Morgan Roofing advises asking for pictures from tradesmen so you can see what they’re doing: “When it comes to roofing, a lot of the problems with bad tradesmen stem from the fact they can see things you can’t. I make sure I take pictures of everything, before and after, so I can show the homeowner what needs doing and how I’ll tackle it.”

Carl Lamon - Chimney & Fireplace Specialist

Gird your guttering

As with roof damage, a broken gutter can seem insignificant at first, but can lead to much bigger problems - if a leak is pouring water onto a particular spot on the wall, it can lead to internal damp and mould, and ruin external plaster work or painting. A specialist in fascias, soffits and guttering like Lee Picknell of LP Fascias (top picture) will be able to repair damage and replace any broken parts.

Check out your chimney

As with loose roof tiles, if chimney pots or bricks come off in a storm, they pose a threat not just to property but people too. If your chimney is old or hasn’t been inspected in a while, it can be worthwhile to have a chimney and fireplace specialist like Carl Lamon of Oxon Stoves (middle picture), or an experienced bricklayer, to assess it and deal with any issues before it becomes dangerous.

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