Seven ways to refresh your home - inside and out


Spring is always a time of change, and that goes for your home too.

After getting through the coldest and wettest months of the year, your home could no doubt do with a bit of a refresh, which is why we’ve picked out seven jobs you can get sorted this month, to take your home through spring and beyond…



Think about all the things your carpets have to go through. Muddy shoes. Dirty pets. Spilled drinks. It’s no surprise that most carpets start to look the worse for wear before long.

Luckily, changing tired old carpets in favour of new ones is a relatively easy job that can be done in a day. There’s a huge array of different styles and colours available, meaning you can change the look and feel of a room in no time at all. Find a great carpet fitter to make it happen.

Exterior paint

After months of wind and rain, it’s no surprise that our homes can start to look a little rough around the edges.

Sometimes, the best thing to smarten things up is a simple lick of paint. If your home already has an exterior paint job, consider arranging a touch up to bring it back to life and deal with any stains or discoloration that might have affected it over the years.

Alternatively, let your imagination run riot and dream up a whole new paint scheme for your home, giving it a pop of colour and a whole new lease of life. An experienced decorator will be able to help out.



It’s amazing what a dramatic impact lighting can have on our homes. While lamps are useful for instant lighting jobs, there are more permanent ways to create atmosphere in your home, such as installing downlights in key areas like bathrooms, or adding dramatic hanging lights to spaces like hallways and dining rooms.

Even installing a simple dimmer system can really transform how you light, and use, your home. Get in touch with an electrician to see what might work for you.


At the first sign of sun, many of us want to escape into the garden, only to find that the winter months have left it a pretty unpleasant place to be, with patchy lawns, weed-choked flower beds, and damaged patios and decking.

Throughout spring, gardeners and landscapers get booked up as people book in their outdoor projects, so don’t get left out - work out how you want to use your garden this year, and find the right person for your job.



Although tiling is a common fixture in our kitchens and bathrooms, it’s an amazingly versatile material, whether for flooring, or as a stylish feature around focal points like fireplaces or windows.

Different kinds of tiling create different effects, from sleek subway tiles to rustic patterned tiles, so take a look at what would work in your space, and find a tiler to make it happen in your home.


We tend to think of roofs as purely functional features in our homes, there to keep the rain out and not much else.

However, you might be surprised how much visual impact your roof has, especially if it hasn’t been taken care of for a long time. Moss and lichen can take over a roof, discolouring and potentially damaging the tiles, while old flashing and crumbling mortar can also be a source of damage, while also being an eyesore.

Find an experienced roofer who can check yours over and make sure your roof is looking, and performing, at its best.



A simple paint job is always effective when it comes to decorating your rooms, but to create a real change and introduce some true drama to your home, there’s nothing like wallpaper.

With an infinite variety of patterns, colours and styles, you can transform any room with just a few rolls - the only limit is your imagination, and finding a talented decorator to take it on.

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