Seven things we all let slip at home

"Keeping busy?"

It's a standard piece of small talk, but after 18 months where life has been on hold in many ways, it's a question that's taken on new meaning. Lot's of us have had to put hobbies, holidays and socialising on hold, in favour of spending more time at home, figuring out what to do with ourselves.

This summer has seen something of a return to normality, which means we can get back to priorisiting the things we love the best.

Of course, that can mean overlooking the things that aren't screaming for attention, and letting some things slide that we might usually keep on top of.

That's never more true than when it comes to our homes. Jobs we'd planned but have now put off, or little fixes that are slowly turning into big problems... it pays not to let things slip. Here are seven things people let get away from them...


1. Painting and wallpapering

It’s easy to have good intentions when it comes to decorating our homes - but the road to hell is paved with good intentions and unopened tins of eggshell white.

Maybe you were waiting for a bank holiday or free weekend. Maybe you just couldn’t quite make up your mind on the perfect shade of teal. But one way or the other, your grand plans for freshening up your rooms have faded away, just like the colour on your walls.

There’s no shame in not wanting to go through the palaver of getting the trays and rollers and everything else you need - that’s why you can hire an experienced decorator to make sure your room is done properly.

2. Hanging shelves and pictures

It’s pretty much a cliche of failed DIY, the shelf that never quite gets put up, and the pictures that never find their way onto the walls. It’s perfectly understandable - putting up a shelf is a real skill, making sure it’s straight and stable, and no one wants to get it wrong.

But a fear of failure is no excuse for letting things slide for so long, and if you’re not willing to take the leap and pick up the drill, then find a great handyman who can put you back on track.

cabinet making

3. Doors, bannisters, and skirting boards

Dings and marks in our woodwork are a common occurrence in our homes - usually from the day we move in, thanks to a few mishandled pieces of furniture. Chips and scuffs can spoil the look of woodwork and ruin the finish of a room, but it’s not something you have to just shrug and live with.

A joiner or carpenter will be able to take a look at all your woodwork, from picture rails and architraves to skirting boards and replace or repair any elements that are damaged.

4. Driveways

When you’re being pulled in all directions, it’s easy to overlook things - even when they’re staring you in the face. Every time you come home you might be presented with a cracked, potholed, weed-filled driveway, but it’s one of those things that you just can’t deal with right now. Who cares what the neighbours think - it’s good enough for the car to go on.

But we’re not letting things slide any more - we’re getting things done, and that includes your driveway. A driveway specialist can repair or upgrade your driveway with brick, blocks, concrete, tarmac or resin, to really boost your kerb appeal.


5. Chimney cleaning

Autumn is rolling around, the nights are drawing in, soon there’ll be a chill in the air and thoughts will turn to the cosy concept of lighting up the stove and enjoying a real fire.

But when did you last have the chimney cleaned and serviced? Yes, it’s a headache, yes, as jobs go it’s a bit messy, but servicing your chimney and making sure the flue is clear doesn’t just protect it and keep it in working order for longer, it also helps keep you safe - and no matter how packed your diary is, you need to squeeze that in.

Find a chimney and fireplace specialist who can help clean up your mess.

6. Boiler service

It takes a minute to get a boiler service booked, and only about 30 minutes for an experienced gas engineer to check it over and make sure it’s all working as it should.

That service can help keep your boiler running for years, keep it in warranty, keep you safe, and save you a fortune in potential breakdown and replacement costs.

So no matter how rammed you are, take a few minutes and get it done right now. Go on. It'll be the most satisfying coffee break you take today.


7. Gutter inspection

No one wants to think about their gutters and drainpipes. They’re not glamorous, they’re not impressive, but they are important, and they are worth looking after.

Especially at this time of year - the easy thing to do would be to shrug it off and leave it, but before they face the onslaught of falling leaves, it’s worth having a gutter specialist checking for blockages and addressing any defects, before winter does its worst.

They say that if you want something done, you should get a busy person to do it, but you can do even better, and get a MyBuilder tradesperson to do it instead. That way, you can stay busy doing everything else.

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