Say Goodbye to Summer

The late August bank holiday always feels like the true end of summer, meaning it’s a clear run until Christmas with no more holidays. This year's bank holiday saw record-breaking temperatures, but things are settling down now, and with children across the country preparing to head back to school, it feels like a good time to take stock and think about your home. There are plenty of smaller things that you do right away to give your home a boost, so why not get started today?


Summer storms played havoc on trees across the country, with high winds being most dangerous when trees are in full leaf. As we slide into September and trees begin to drop their leaves, it’s a good chance for tree surgeons to take a look at any trees you were concerned about this summer, and trim back anything that may be overhanging your roof, sheds, garages or fences, which you’re concerned could come down in a storm.

Add some garden lighting

If you want to wring the maximum enjoyment out of your garden, even as the evenings begin to get cooler and the nights draw in, you can add some exterior lighting to your patio or docking and make the space even more functional. Cheap temporary lights can be picked up at garden centres, but an electrician can install some proper lights that will really help set the scene.

Get your boiler inspected

Making sure your boiler is working fine is something you can do at any time of year, but we always recommend having it done when the weather is still fine, before you’re relying on your heating and hot water to keep you toasty in the winter. It’s a quick process and should be done once a year, so if it’s been a while since your last service, contact a Gas Safe heating engineer to take a look at your boiler and make sure yours is fine.

Replace your carpets

If you’ve had visitors over the summer, or just children running in and out of the garden all day, then your carpets could be looking a little worse for wear at this time of year. A good steam clean can help bring tired carpets back to life, but replacing carpets is also one of the quickest and most effective ways to transform a room quickly. If you want to perk up a room in a day, speak to a carpet fitter who can find the perfect match for you.



Lots of people think of September as the true start of the new year, so why not a fresh start for your interior design? Our homes can feel very different in summer while sun streams through the windows, so use those feelings to make changes you can enjoy all year round. A new coat of paint, or a stylish feature wall can make a quick and effective update in no time at all, and an experienced decorator can make sure the job is done right.

Re-lay your lawn

The last days of summer might not seem like the perfect time for a spot of gardening, but it's actually one of the best times of year to bed down new lawn, before truly wet weather and frosts make it more difficult for new turf to take. If your lawn has been ruined this summer by extreme weather - or the ravages of tampolines and paddling pools - then a landscape gardener can help you to refresh your outdoor space.

Update your locks

Another job that can be done at any time of year, but one which we can all be guilty of putting off for too long. If your locks are sticking or stiff, or your latches are beginning to feel loose, it can all be a sign that you’re due an upgrade. Locksmiths can install high quality modern locks in an afternoon, immediately boosting your home’s security and giving you peace of mind.

Find a handyman

We all have jobs we meant to do when we had a chance - putting up shelves, replacing mouldy bathroom sealant, putting up some flatpack furniture. Whatever your overlooked task might be, find a local handyman and get it sorted, so you can put summer behind you safe in the knowledge that you got the job done.


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