Rural planning changes. Delight or disaster?

Conversion and renovation work may become more plentiful for MyBuilder users in the UK countryside, following the announcement of a consultation on re-defining permitted development when it comes to former agricultural buildings. The Minister of State for Decentralisation and Cities, Greg Clark, announced the consultation this week, which would make it easier for farmers and developers to convert barns and outbuildings into farm shops, retail outlets, gyms, leisure facilities or entertainment venues.

Naturally, the proposals are controversial among those who live in the countryside. Some are keen to see the regeneration and new jobs that the scheme may bring, but others are worried that the move could lead to unchecked development and ruin the character of our green, open spaces. What do you think? Should we allow development without planning permission in such instances? Or is the countryside too special to be subject to unregulated conversions of this kind?

Photo by RONg

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  1. I think that there should be some form of planning permission on rural farm buildings, but it should be made easier than previously.
    Obviously the new use should be taken into account, that it wouldn't for example be detrimental to wildlife habitats.
    I live in the countryside and dont want to see it eroded but until we do something about expanding population growth we will have to relax all forms of development into the countryside.
    Nimbys stop pro-creating !!!!

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