Roofing by the experts

The difference between an average tradesman and an excellent one can be almost imperceptible to the uninitiated, but watch someone like Kerry of Eurolay Asphalt and Roofing in action and you start to see what it is. The average tradesman just comes in and does the job they have been asked to do. Sure, they usually do it adequately, but professionals who take a real pride in their work think about the bigger picture. Here, what may have been a job tidying up the roof and fitting some decking becomes a bigger contract, as Kerry takes the time to check out the surrounding structure. It may be costly for the householder (and a better job for him) in the short term, but it would certainly make for big savings in the long term. A good tradesman will be willing to talk you through the work that needs to be done and even show you what is wrong. They talk in terms you can understand and are happy to answer any questions.


  1. That’s a really valid point and something which goes amiss across many different service based industries. It is a nice touch that you have added video here also. In terms of accessing multi story homes, do you use access platforms at all? I was wondering how roofers approach different types and heights of roof. Thanks for the post!

  2. I agree- good tradesman should always tell us what is wrong, exactly what is the problem and help us to find a solution and everything would be so simple!
    Jon Simpson

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