Quote Tool: A solution for your admin headaches

Admin has always been a headache for talented tradespeople, and we’ve proven once and for all the impact it has on your lives.

Nine out of ten tradespeople feel like they spend too much time on admin - with one in five going so far as to say it even impacts their sex lives.

It’s not just a lack of quickies for brickies though - our poll of more than 1,500 tradespeople found that nearly half of you, 44%, spend less time than you’d like with your partner because of the pressure of dealing with admin, and a whopping 60% are missing out on vital family time just to keep up with the books.

We know that out of all the admin tasks you have to do, quoting can be the toughest. We thought there had to be a better way.


That’s why for the past 14 months we’ve been working on Quote Tool, a fast, free way to prepare professional quotes. The new tool uses drop-down templates to let you build quotes for any job, with barely any typing needed. You can use it for all of your jobs, whether on MyBuilder or not, and it’s all backed with terms and conditions for peace of mind.

MyBuilder founder and CEO Ryan Notz said that the inspiration came from his own time working in the trades:

“When I was working as a stonemason, one of the most challenging parts of the job was quoting. Trying to predict how long a job would take and the cost of materials, then making sure they were neat and nicely presented was a huge headache. It took so much time, and I had to do that for every job - not even just the jobs I won.

“At MyBuilder we appreciate the pressures and demands of being a successful tradesperson. We know that the best tradespeople really care, so they often spend hours on paperwork after a long day on the tools.

“The admin eats into their working day and their down time too. It too often means sacrificing precious family time, eating late or not getting enough sleep.

“We understand that builders just want to build. What we’re good at here at MyBuilder is building great software for tradespeople, so we were determined to design a solution so tradespeople could focus on doing what they do best.

We’re really proud of Quote Tool and hope that it will go some way to helping the best tradespeople continue to thrive.”

You can use Quote Tool on iPhone and Android devices, so get it today and see how it could work for you.

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