Far too often, the media and press like to stereotype tradesmen as ‘cowboy builders’ or ‘rogue traders’. But we know from experience that most tradespeople are the complete opposite!

From the sheer volume of great positive feedback reviews posted to our site daily, MyBuilder can see that a lot of tradesmen love their job.


In the spirit of Valentine’s Day we thought we would try to find out more…

For the five days leading up to Valentine’s Day we asked tradesmen what they loved about their job and the response was huge. Almost 700 tradesmen posted on our Facebook page to let us know why they love what they do.

One question we asked our tradesmen was “What is the best job you have ever worked on?” – we had so many great responses.

Clare Brown from Decisions Made said she thinks the best part of being a painter and decorator is transforming a house into a home. “Making an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. A finished product can lift somebody’s mood. The best is when the client cries with joy, I’ve had a couple of those!”

But it wasn’t just the work that mattered, a lot of tradesmen said the best jobs were the ones that had a wider impact on the customer. Greg Adamson wrote, “As a heating engineer I take great satisfaction in restoring peoples heating when it fails. Especially if they’re older or vulnerable. It’s one of the many trades/professions that really make a real difference to people’s lives and health. The feeling you get when you resolve the issue is indescribable.”


Almost 200 tradesmen let us know what their most cherished tool is…

“My most cherished tool is my Grandad, I was his apprentice so without him I would never have learned my trade.”  – Davie Curl, Tiling Solutions.

“My most treasured tool has to be the Stanley hand plane I won as an apprentice 27 years ago for apprentice of the year. It’s never been out of the box.” – Matt Stevenson Carpentry & Joinery services.

“A wallpaper hanging brush which is worn down and not suitable to use, it belonged to my dad who got me into the decorating business. I’ll never throw it away, it’s got too many memories” – Mick Morgan, Handy Devils.

And we received over 150 photos of jobs that tradesmen are most proud of. There was a lot of impressive work posted!

When asking our trades why their customers love them, Russell Tullis said “I think it’s the fact I go and see every customer to discuss and quote for work, or it may simply be because I always leave properties as clean I as found them – if not tidier.”

Nic Forbes George also explained how he makes sure he is flexible on weekends and evenings at no extra cost. He also always asks the customer if they are happy before he leaves a job as customer satisfaction is “number one” for his company, as well as honesty around pricing.

“A happy customer makes me happy” expressed Warren Schmid of W Schmid Landscapes. He said he treats every job as though he was doing it on his own home and wants to make sure the customer is “very happy” when he’s left.

Over the week we received a lot of heartwarming and sentimental comments from tradesmen all over the UK, who regularly go above and beyond for their customers. Not only that – but they are clearly extremely passionate about what they do, taking the utmost pride in their work.

We think these comments prove that for all the talk of cowboy builders, there are plenty of tradespeople that are hardworking, charitable and above all, great people.

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