The Hero Project

It started out with our offer to help a homeowner in need by paying for a small project as a Christmas gift. We got so many moving requests from homeowners in our initial blog post, that we decided to go beyond a single project and try to find a way to help more people.

So we asked our tradesmen if they wanted to help and got an amazing response. We decided to call this the ‘Hero Project’ and offered to pay the materials cost for every project that had a tradesman hero volunteering.

We're now coming to the end of the Hero Project, with several of them wrapped up. We thought we'd share a few of the completed jobs with you.

Emma Hazlett and her mum

[caption id="attachment_818" align="aligncenter" width="640"]MyBuilder Hero Project Emma Hazlett's mum's bedroom before the work[/caption]

"My mum is a wonderful person, and has worked hard and been a great mother all her life. She suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (similar to M.E.) and depression and bi-polar, especially after losing her husband (and dad to me and my sister). Since then she has struggled with illness as a widow, living on an extremely low income, she can't work any more and spends a lot of time on her own since me and my sister have grown up and moved out, and has now developed 'frozen shoulder' which means she is not only in a lot of pain but she also can't drive, which isolates her even more.

Her house is tiny and my dad pretty much built the inside himself before he died but it's falling apart and for years she has lived in the tiny box room which just about fits a bed in it, while mine and my sister's old room has been filled with stuff that we have just managed to clear. Our plan is for mum to move into the bigger room and try and make her surroundings better for her, but the room's walls need a tradesman - they are peeling chip board and dreadful children's nursery colours, it's a depressing sight, and I wish for someone to help give the walls a make over and a lick of paint, to give mum a happier place to live. I wish, for Christmas, I could fix the bigger problems, but I'm afraid I can't, and for now this would be an amazing step towards helping her be happier."

[caption id="attachment_860" align="aligncenter" width="640"]MyBuilder Hero Project Jan 2013 The same bedroom after Homecraft UK completed the project[/caption]

After the transformation, Emma expressed her thanks: "Homecraft UK offered to do a 'Hero' job for me and my mum and I couldn't believe their kindness. John Black sent his team round and in one day they transformed the bedroom and did a great decorating job in rather difficult circumstances. The guys were so polite and nice, too! It was an incredibly quick response and turnaround, and we are very grateful."

John Black from Homecraft UK said "I would consider helping others and yes, the job was a little harder than first expected but that's life. One day every now & then it should not be hard to help anyone in need. Who knows, I might need help one day.”

Harriet Shepherd

"I am Harriet, Mum to baby Poppy, 7 months, and George, 3, and wife to Steven. We recently moved house and have lots of home improvements to do but the one that is the most pressing is we have no kitchen! We have managed to buy a kitchen online but have run out of money to pay someone to fit it. Steven has put together the units and had some help to hang a couple of cupboards but that is as far as it goes. I have a camping stove to cook and that is it, we don't even have a microwave! Washing dishes in the bathroom is getting very tiresome and I am really struggling to cook nutritious meals for the children and us. The thought of Christmas with no kitchen is too much to bear, to have the kitchen put in for us would be the best present I think I could ever receive, in my whole life! Steven and I both work really hard, me from home, but struggle with all the debt and bills of modern life, this really would be a dream come true!"

After the kitchen was completed, Harriet said "I am so pleased to say, I have a kitchen!! Thank you so much to MyBuilder for organizing the whole thing it really has been a god send. Paul and his team were lovely and did the job in no time at all! Many thanks again for making our Christmas."

[caption id="attachment_821" align="aligncenter" width="640"]MyBuilder Hero Project Jan 2013 Feature Harriet and George with KitchensFit4U[/caption]

Paul from KitchensFit4u who undertook the work added "As a family man I understand how difficult the Christmas period can be, and how important a kitchen is for preparing those festive feasts. My team and I decided we would love to take this opportunity to make this special time of year a little easier for someone using our knowledge and skills. It made sense to do the two things that we are passionate about which are our workmanship and our ability to help out where possible at once. As KitchensFit4U grow, we hope to be able to do more for people who need a helping hand. Fortunately the job went very smoothly, due to the hard work and Steve (Harriets husband) had put in, trying to provide his family with a kitchen in the home they have only recently moved in to. Minor mistakes were easily rectified with our professional experience and the kitchen was completed and fully functioning."

Trudi Borsberry

"Hello I am a single mum on a serious budget and I have a hole in my bedroom ceiling where water is coming in through the roof. I simply do not have any money to fix it - and I know it will only get worse and worse. My daughter was unwell the other day and lay in the bed with me and the water starting to drip through. I also have a front fence which is down and the neighbours and understandably unhappy. I know there are people with worse things, but I thought it was worth a try. Thank you for listening."

Trudi wrote to us after the work was finished: "Neil and Joseph were totally fantastic. Friendly, efficient and genuinely nice chaps. They have helped me so much and went above and beyond to repair a hole in my roof and a broken fence. Without their help I would still be putting towels under the hole when it rained! I would recommend NW Building without hesitation. The Hero scheme is wonderful and I cannot thank you all enough. I cannot explain what a difference their work has made to myself and my young daughter. As I write, it is raining and windy. Before the work my fence would have blown down and the rain would have been coming through the roof and through the hole in my ceiling and now I can finally relax. The gentlemen from NW Building were fantastic and I can never ever express my gratitude in my circumstance I could never have got these jobs done. Thank you again."

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