More than just fixing a shower: a story from the Hero Project

The 2013 Hero Project has been up and running for 2½ weeks and so far 338 tradesmen have pledged their support. This really shows how generous MyBuilder tradesmen are, and how they can make such a difference to people's lives.

80 hero jobs have been posted so far, and entries will continue to be open until midnight on Sunday, December 15th. All homeowners have to do is post their story with a picture, explaining what they want done and why they deserve a hero like you.

Brooke Cornwell’s story and video

In the course of this year’s project we have come across lots of touching stories, which make us glad that we started the Hero Project and proud of our tradesmen - but there is one particular story that we want to share because this family have been through so much.


Eight years ago Amber’s daughter, Brooke, was born with a potentially fatal form of anaemia. Every day has been a battle to keep her alive and give her a normal life.

Brooke has a sister, Felicity. Managing two children can be hard enough but when one is sick, it is even tougher. Her Mum and Dad, Amber and Nick, have had to work all hours to keep the family going. Often Amber would do a night shift at a bakery, sleep for a couple of hours and then get up to take Brooke for one of her regular blood transfusions.

Recently the family suffered a huge blow. Doctors told them that Brooke needed a bone marrow transplant as soon as possible, so in January she goes into hospital for the complicated and, at times, unpleasant treatment. Before she can come home, the house has to be stripped – carpets and all – and sterilised to avoid risk of infection. Brooke’s much loved dog, Rosebud, will have to go to live with Grandma.

Sorting the house little by little

When you are as stretched as the Cornwell family, the first thing to go is the house. It’s something we see all the time on MyBuilder. You don’t have the time or the energy for repairs or renovations when you are coping with financial or emotional upheavals - but sorting the house will be a matter of life and death for Brooke so it will have to be done.

Luckily Grandma Christine is a practical and positive sort. She believes in breaking problems down into small pieces that can solved bit by bit. Amber’s power shower hadn’t worked for ages so when she spotted the Hero project on our site, she took the initiative and posted a job. A few days later, plumber James of Rothwell James turned up on Amber’s doorstep, ready to help. He donated two days to the family and for the first time in 2½ years Brooke can take a shower.


  1. we cant thank the my builder hero project enough, or James, as having the shower fixed is a dream come true.

  2. As a tradesman on mybuilder, It's great to be involved in such a project as Hero's, The appreciation is definitely worth more than the money, Keep it up guys!!

  3. What a.nice story. James sounds like the sort of guy I was when i was plumbing. It is the kind of thing I have done quite often. No wonder I retired poor instead of rich. I wasn't lucky in obtaining a hero although I invited 4 of them to call. Perhaps i should have called them? I was in the middle of doing my kitchen sink swap to try and make a bit more space in our 6 ft wide galley k.At this time my hips suddenly got too bad and i had to stop. I am awaiting replacement hips but they have been delayed by leg ulcers which are slow to heal so have waited over 5 yrs. If anyone can take pity on an (71) plumber I would be very grateful.I have almost all the bits and piece and pipes are in place. It would only take a couple of hours to do the job. I am on pension credit/state pension. My wife is on kidney dialysis 3 days a week and my son has Multiple Sclerosis and can barely walk also. Sorry if I sound like an old moaner but I would like to do this for my poor wife who is finding things more difficult each day and this might help her. Thanks for reading John .

  4. In relation to the last message I sent a good handyman would do. It doesn;t have to be a tradesman.

  5. I can recommend the plumber that came to my rescue very highly. His name is Ross Kessock-Philip from A V H Plumbing and Heating. My taps sprang a leak in the pipes under the basin in my bathroom... and the potential for huge costly damages should they have burst would have been enormous. He was friendly, efficient and didn't leave a mess. He was great.

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