Modern Builders Ditch the Old Stereotypes

One of the missions of MyBuilder is to show off the best of the building trade, highlighting the most talented tradespeople and all the quality work they do day in, day out.

We know that the old stereotypes that many people have about builders and others who work in the trades are a relic of the past, days when White Van Man caused havoc on the roads and wolf whistles rained down from every building site in the country. That's why we set out to prove who the modern builder really is.

In one of the largest surveys of its kind ever carried out, we canvassed more than 2,000 tradespeople from across the UK to find out what really makes them tick. What we discovered was that your average brickie, sparks or chippy is a feminist who'd call out catcalling, and prefers spending time with their family to hours down at the pub.

All in all, 62% of tradespeople identified themselves as feminist, with 76% percent said they believed wolf-whistling was old-fashioned and out of date and half (51%) saying they’d urge a catcalling or wolf-whistling colleague to stop.

According to the survey, the modern tradesman is also not afraid to show their emotional side. 68% say that they’re brought to tears by TV, films and radio. One in twenty like to listen to classical music, 3% like to bake and 2% while away the hours by birdwatching.

In a profession where an estimated 99% of workers are men, more diversity would be welcomed, with 90% percent of tradesmen saying they’d like to see more women working in the industry.

In a further blow for dated stereotypes, it seems the myth of tradesmen spending hours in the pub should also be buried. Family time is the top way to relax for 63%, followed by TV (60%), and playing sports (31%); the pub trailed in fourth place with just 29%.

55% of builders said they’d rather have an evening meal with their wife than a night down the pub and 17% said that they’d rather go to the gym than the boozer. 44% have enjoyed luxurious treatments such as spa sessions, massages, and manicures.

Modern tradespeople are also a generous bunch: 94% told us they've done work for someone who wasn't able to pay them full whack.

MyBuilder founder Ryan Notz said: “Like many aspects of working life, the building profession is changing and it’s great to see some of the old stereotypes being challenged."

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