Look after your home this Christmas

Christmas can be a stressful time - presents to buy, travel to arrange, food to cook, and a million and one other things you have to take care of before the big day.

With so much going on, it can be easy to overlook things like how we can best take care of our homes over Christmas. Winter weather can be rough on our homes, while Christmas guests and parties can add further pressures, so it always pays to know where to turn if you need help at home over the holidays. Here are a few common Christmas catastrophes, and how to sort them out.

Boiler breakdowns

When temperatures drop outside, we rely on our boilers to heat our radiators and water. There’s no good time for your boiler to go on the blink, but Christmas is particularly rough, especially if you have guests and a big queue for the bathroom. A gas engineer can help repair yours if it comes to it - make sure the person you hire is on the Gas Safe Register.

Electric experience

Lots of us like to go overboard with lights and decorations over Christmas - if there’s a spare inch of tree or mantlepiece, you can fit a fairy light on it. And come Christmas Day, no doubt there’ll be a host of new gadgets that need a socket to charge up as well. It can all take a toll on our home’s electrics, especially if your home’s wiring is outdated and not up to scratch for modern demand. If you’re concerned, an electrician can help get you up to speed.


Roof repairs

Whether you have a reindeer, Santa, snowman, or anything else up there as part of your festive display, your roof needs to be strong enough to take the weight of decorations. Even if your roof is empty and waiting for Father Christmas’ sleigh to land, you need to ensure your roof is in good shape to cope with winter weather. Wind and rain can dislodge tiles or penetrate places where the flashing has come loose, which can cause damage down the line. A roofer can help patch up any problems before they become too severe.

Security sorted

The time around Christmas can sadly see a spike in burglaries, as thieves can work under the cover of darkness while many homes are empty as people go off on holiday. If you are going away, or are worried about your home’s security, there are many things you can do - letting neighbours know you’ll be gone and asking them to keep an eye on things, using timers on your lights, or installing security lights, cameras, or alarms. Security system installers can help you fit a comprehensive system quickly and easily.


Plumbing perils

Pipes are always at risk when the weather turns cold - freezing temperatures can cause pipes to burst, which can flood your home and cause serious damage. Having guests and extra people in the home can also put pressure on your plumbing system, with more people using shower and toilet. No one wants to deal with a bathroom issue when you should be sitting down to turkey and crackers, so if you need a plumber quickly, you can find one here on MyBuilder.

Chimney cheer

A roaring open fireplace or cosy wood-burning stove are lovely things to have at Christmas - even if they can pose a challenge for Father Christmas to get past as he comes to fill the stockings. But it’s important that if you do have a stove or open fireplace, it’s well maintained and only being used safely. A fireplace and chimney specialist can make sure there are no issues with yours, and give you the all clear for roasting your chestnuts.

Everything else

Need a new oven to handle all the pigs in blankets? A quick coat of paint in the spare bedroom to impress the in-laws? A fencer to take care of the loose panels the wind blew down? Whatever it might be, it pays to be prepared for the unexpected, so you can enjoy your Christmas in relative peace.

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