Lockdown inspiration for your home


Inspiration can be hard to come by at the best of times, and that’s especially true if you’ve been looking at the same four walls for the better part of a year.

But while being at home can feel limiting, the only limits on improving your home are your budget and your imagination. Many people have taken the opportunity of the past few year to make their home the best it can be, whether it’s sorting out a longstanding problem or embarking on a total refresh.

Tradespeople are still able to work - making sure everyone follows the current safety guidelines - so why not start the year with a plan to improve your home?


Sorting the basics

Replacing outdated electrics isn’t the most glamorous home improvement - after all, you’re probably not going to show off your new consumer unit to any guests, even if you could have guests round.

But making your home better starts with getting the essentials right, and many people have been hiring electricians, plumbers and gas engineers to make sure the key services in their home are all up to scratch.

The infrastructure of our home always has to deal with a lot, and never more than when it’s in constant use, so if you’re concerned that your wiring is tired or your boiler could go on the blink, find an expert to get it sorted.


Get things looking good

Once the invisible aspects of your home are in prime condition, you can start to think about the stuff you can see.

It’s easy to get used to things that have been the same way for a long time - our wallpaper and carpets can come to be seen as permanent fixtures, rather than ones that can be swapped out for something exciting and new.

But plasterers, painters and tilers have all been in high demand, as people look to spruce up their space and make their home a place where spending time doesn’t have to be a punishment.

While decorating can be a good DIY project to take up your time, hiring a professional can make the process easy and ensure a perfect finish - which is doubly true when it comes to the tricky task of plastering.

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Think about the outdoors

Getting outside has been a key concern for many of us, and gardens have become a refuge for many of us. Of course, while even a small concrete courtyard can be a nice contrast to sitting indoors all day, a garden that has been fully thought out and maximised can be a true haven when you need a bit of fresh air.

Landscapers have been very busy with people wanting to transform their outdoor space, and even now in the depths of winter, lots of people will be planning ahead and getting landscapers booked in to ensure their garden is ready for spring and summer.

Fencers and driveway specialists are also in demand to help transform tired gardens and front yards into attractive, useful spaces.

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