Lighten up your home


It’s not long now until the clocks change - so why put up with a home that feels dark and cold when you can fill it with bright spring light?

There are plenty of ways to brighten things up - and now’s the perfect time to do it. So let’s take a look at four ways to bring the light into your life. 


Prune your trees

Trees, shrubs and bushes are putting on growth as spring arrives - but it doesn’t take long for them to start stealing your natural light.

The good news is that most trees love being pruned back in the spring. A good trim can actually encourage newer and healthier growth, while letting daylight also find its way through the jungle to your windows.

It’s best to get a tree surgeon in to get the job done. They’ll have the right equipment to work at heights safely, as well as have the knowledge to know how far they can trim whilst keeping your trees healthy.


Upgrade your windows

It’s easy to overlook the difference your windows make - but clever glazing can transform a room.

For example, swapping out a standard uPVC window for a slim framed aluminium replacement can, all of a sudden, let in a lot more light. Swapping windows with glazing bars or grilles for uninterrupted panes of glass lets in a lot more light. And adding a glass panel by your front door will make an enormous difference to your hallway.

If you really want to open things up, you can always add new windows or make old ones bigger. So whether you want to brighten up a dingy room or you’ve always wanted a panoramic view, a glazing expert will talk you through the options.


Brighten up your walls

Colour choices can make a big difference to a room. Light colours will bounce light around to create a more spacious feel, while darker colours will absorb it to make things feel cosier.

So if you’re thinking about redecorating to brighten up your rooms, then paler colours are your friend. That doesn’t necessarily mean stark white - light tones and neutrals are also great choices. 

Before you get the decorators in, it’s worth checking if your plasterwork is smooth and even. And once the job is complete, don’t be tempted to clutter up your fresh new walls with too many pictures or dark pieces of furniture.

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Add some light

There’s one surefire way to brighten up your home’s darkest and dingiest corners: light them up!

Modern LED bulbs don’t just use less energy than traditional bulbs: they also are also now available in a huge range of different lights, lamps, pendant lights and decorative feature lights. Whether you want a traditional filament bulb, flush fitting panel light or colour change feature light, there’s plenty to choose from.

An expert electrician can guide you through what’s available - and also install lights, run cables and fit or move switches.

So if you sometimes feel like you’re dwelling in darkness, there’s no excuse to keep the light blocked out of your home. It’s time to let the light in…

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