Keep Your Home Safe this Summer

When summer begins, it can unfortunately bring with it a rise in crime as opportunistic burglars take advantage of opens doors and windows. However, there are a number of steps you can take to help keep your home safe from crime in the coming months.

Install a security system

One of the most comprehensive ways to look after your property is to install a full security system. These can range from simple cameras, which you can monitor via an app on your phone, to fully integrated systems involving camera, sensors and alarms, monitored by a security firm. If you’re interested in upgrading your security, chatting to a security system installer can help establish which system is best for you.

Upgrade your locks

If you’re concerned about the locks on your doors and windows, upgrading them to meet modern standards can be a relatively simple and cost-effective job. Prevention is better than cure, so hiring a lock fitter to make an assessment and get things up to scratch is better than waiting until it’s too late.

Inspect your doors and windows

Even the strongest locks can be ineffective if they’re fitted to doors and windows with weak, rotted frames or fragile glass. Replacing doors and windows is a more pricey job, but can pay off in the long run, with extra benefits such as better insulation and soundproofing, as well as increased security.

Update your doorbell

Video doorbells are becoming very popular, allowing you to see who is at the door before answering, as well as doubling up as a security camera while you’re out. Leading brand video doorbells can start recording when anyone approaches the door and you’ll get a notification. You can even speak to the person at your doorstep, giving instructions for where to leave a delivery for example.

Add more lights

Burglars typically try to get in through places where they can’t be easily seen, such as at the sides and backs of properties, away from neighbours and passers by. A motion-activated light can help deter potential intruders by helping alert others to their presence.

Fix your fences

Even small things are all it takes to make your home a more likely target than any other house on the street. If you have broken fence panels or gaps that mean a burglar can be in or out quickly, it might be an invitation you don’t want to give. A fencer can ensure you have no weak spots.

Make your garden work for you

Simple changes to the landscape around your home can help protect it. A popular choice is using gravel instead of lawn paving, which means you can better hear people approaching your home.

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