Jobs to do before the clocks change


There are still a few weeks before the clocks go back – so which jobs need doing before then?

The nights are drawing in now but the days are still much longer than in winter. These longer days mean more daylight for tradespeople to work. They can see what they’re doing, stay warmer and fit more in a day. And there are also some things you shouldn’t leave until spring.

Here’s our rundown of autumn jobs to plan now:


Landscaping and gardening

Now’s the smart time to get landscaping done. Longer days and more daylight make working outside much easier than in the middle of winter. Things are less muddy than the middle of winter too, so you’ll keep the garden tidier and keep dirt out of the house.

It’s also a good time for planting – especially for shrubs and bushes. Plants established in autumn tend to do better than those planted after Christmas.


Painting and decorating

You missed a bit! Painters and decorators love working in natural daylight because it’s so much easier to see what they’ve done. If it’s dark outside and they’re only using electric lights, even the very best can miss bits and need to touch them up later.

So if you want to freshen up your walls, ceilings or woodwork, try to get it done when there’s some natural daylight outside the windows. We think you’ll notice the difference.


Outdoor lighting

Your outdoor lighting really earns its keep over the winter months. Whether you need powerful security lighting, mood-setting feature lighting or anything in between, you’ll really appreciate it during the longer nights.

If you haven’t updated your light fixtures for a while, you might be surprised by what’s on offer. Modern LED fixtures are energy efficient and cheaper to run. Decorative colour-changing lights can liven up a garden or balcony. And smart functions like voice control and time-based lighting scenes are easier to use than ever before.


Walls and fences

Like landscaping, now’s a great time to sort out any walls or fences that need a bit of attention – whether you want to beef up your security or get ready for winter storms.

Fencers and ground-workers get more done when they’re not battling darkness every afternoon. Dryer ground means less mud traipsed around on boots. And fences look much better if they’re painted during better weather.


Brickwork and pointing

If you’ve got any fixes or patching jobs you haven’t got around to yet, they’re best done before the mercury plummets. That way you can get things fixed up before they endure a winter of rain, frost damage and freezing temperatures. What might be a quick and easy job now could be harder to deal with in the spring after a few months of bad weather.

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