How to Stop Accidents at Home

“Accidents happen” is the old saying, but that doesn’t mean they have to. We all deserve to feel safe in our homes, and there is plenty we can do to make sure that any risks are brought under control. There’s no need to be paranoid when it’s so easy to get things sorted.


Trips and falls on stairs are some of the most common accidents at home, even though there’s lots that can be done to cut down the risk. If worn down carpet is proving to be a slip hazard, replace it with something better - a carpet fitter can do the job in a few hours. If your stairs are poorly lit, then try installing new lighting - an electrician can fit a new light fixture to make sure you can see where you’re going. Most importantly, make sure you have a handrail to hold on to as you go up and down - a carpenter can install a sturdy handrail that helps keep you on your feet.


There’s nothing quite as cosy as an open fire, whether it’s a fully open fireplace or a fuel-burning stove. However, they have to be well looked after to keep then running properly and safely. Blockages can cause carbon monoxide to accumulate, while your chimney also needs to be kept clean - birds nesting can cause twigs and leaves to fall down the chimney, which can be a fire hazard. An experienced chimney sweep or fireplace specialist can look yours over and make sure everything is in good working order - and if you haven’t used yours since last winter, it can be a good idea to get it checked out now.



Bad wiring can be a serious problem waiting to happen, but it can be hard to know where the problem is before it’s too late. If you’re experiencing flickering lights, power surges, blown fuses, or any other issues, speak to an electrician to test your circuits, especially if it’s been several years since it was last done. They can check your wiring and issue a certificate that will give you peace of mind.


If you have a gas boiler or hob, you need to be conscious about leaks - if you can smell gas, open the windows, don’t use any electrics or light any other flames, turn off the gas at the mains if you know where it is, and call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999. You can prevent yourself from ever getting in this situation though - a carbon monoxide alarm can help alert you to leaks early, and regular servicing of your boiler will also help keep it in good running order. A Gas Safe registered engineer should always be used for any gas installation work.


If you have small children or pets, then you might be conscious of the risk that large pieces of furniture like bookcases and chests of drawers can pose - little explorers and climbers can easily topple them if they’re not secured. However, all it takes is an unlucky trip and anyone can end up in the same boat, whether you’re 4 or 40. Attaching items of furniture to the wall is a simple job for a handyman to carry out, and gives you instant ease of mind.

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