How pictures can help you win work on MyBuilder

For the most successful tradespeople on MyBuilder, their profiles are made up of two parts - words and pictures.

Writing a winning profile is something every tradesperson should be able to do, making clear your experience, qualifications, skills and attitude - for a full breakdown of how you can pen a perfect profile, check out our full guide.

But when it comes to pictures, many people struggle with knowing what pictures to show, or even how to take good pictures in the first place.

No one is expecting you to become a professional paparazzi just to boost your page, but there are a few simple things you can do to help make your profile more attractive from prospective customers.

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Profile picture

Your profile picture sits at the top of your profile and accompanies all your messages - it’s the first thing homeowners will see when they’re interested in hiring you, and as the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Tradespeople with good profile photos tend to get more clicks than those who don’t, so don’t be afraid to spend a little time getting the right shot.

The best profile pictures all have the same things in common - they’re well lit, they feature a clear head and shoulders shot of the person, and the person looks like the kind of person you’d be happy to invite to your home and give money to.

Getting the first steps right is easy - for lighting, outdoors is best, in good sunlight, with the light on your face, not behind you, making you a spooky silhouette. To get your head and shoulders in shot, ask someone else to take a picture - selfies might go down well on Instagram, but aren’t so handy here. As for the last one, that’s up to you - but a smile can’t hurt.

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Gallery photos

As well as profile photos, which every profile has to have, you also have the option to upload extra photos in the gallery section.

Most tradespeople use this as a chance to showcase their previous jobs. This is especially useful if you’re in a trade like bathroom fitting or extension building, where you can clearly show your products of your labours in all their glory.

For other trades, it can be more tricky to accurately show your skills in a few pictures - even a perfectly rendered wall might not show off a plasterer’s skill to the untrained eye.

However, there are usually things you can do to show off your skills - before and after photos in particular are good for showing off your talents, when people can compare the mess that was there before to your final results. Take pictures from the same place and angle before and after the work to make clear the difference, and be sure to caption the pictures describing the changes you made.

There are general rules of photography to bear in mind when it comes to your gallery. Like your profile photo, lighting is key - the more light, the better, especially daylight. This isn’t always easy on a cramped, dusty building site, but pictures taken with a flash probably won’t show off your efforts to best effect. While customers know that lots of home improvement jobs can be messy, if you can capture your work when it’s at its neatest - especially when you’re showing off the finished product - that can go a long way to reassuring people of the care you’ll take with their home. Angles are crucial too - you need to be far enough away from whatever you’re taking a picture of that you can tell what it is, but not so far away that you’re left hunting for it.

There are a few things to avoid as well. Obviously, stealing photos from elsewhere, whether taken from other accounts or lifted from the internet is a no-no, and will be removed from your profile. Similarly, we don’t allow contact details to be displayed in photos, so while we encourage shots of your team both in action, and proudly posed together like a winning football team, be careful that’s not in front of your van with your phone number clearly written down the side.

Luckily, modern phone cameras are getting better all the time, so you should always be able to take a couple of quick snaps when the chance arises. Be sure to remember to take some and show off what you can do - after all, a picture speaks a thousand words.

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