Restoring the Houses of Parliament... What would you spend £7.1 billion on?

You may have read recently that the cost of renovating the Houses of Parliament could reach a staggering £7.1 billion over a 32 year build! We think this figure is astronomical, so we’ve come up with a few alternatives you could spend this amount of money on.

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The estimated £7.1 billion renovation cost over 32 years broken down is:

  • £221,875,000 a year
  • £18,489,583 a month
  • £847 a minute

So What can you buy for £7.1 billion?

  • Build 10.2 Millennium domes.
  • Buy 300,000 white transit vans.
  • Build 202,857 extensions - nearly enough to extend every house in Liverpool.
  • Buy a new hammer everyday for the next 1,947,153 years
  • Buy enough bricks to go to the moon, and back.
  • Buy 13,813 houses in London.
  • Finish the £17,800,000 a year La Sagrada Familia build in 11 months, rather than 2026.
  • Pay 7,396 Stonemasons a £30,000 wage a year for 32 years.
  • Probably invent tartan paint.
  • 60,350 - Amount of tradespeople that could be funded in the British Army for a year.

If you’re looking to complete your own renovation and refurbishment project, maybe it is even the Houses of Parliament, you can find a local tradesman to hire by posting a job today!

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