Hiring tradespeople during lockdown


A new national lockdown for England is underway to help combat the Coronavirus pandemic, while Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland also have their own restrictions in place.

During the lockdown, the Government has advised that tradespeople in England can continue working, meaning there’s no need to delay getting vital work carried out, or postpone planned home improvement projects.

In order to make sure work is done with as little risk as possible, the Government has issued guidance on how tradespeople can work safely in people’s homes during this time.


This advice includes:

  • Postponing work where either the tradesperson or customer are displaying symptoms or in self-isolation and following all self-isolation guidelines.
  • Using phone and video calls where possible to avoid face-to-face contact, such as when discussing the job, giving quotes etc.
  • Maintaining distance while on the job, for example avoiding the room where the work is taking place.
  • Keeping doors and windows open as much as possible during the work to increase ventilation.
  • Frequent washing of hands and disinfecting areas being used by different people.
  • Tradespeople supplying their own food and drink - so not using your kettle or mugs, for example.

The full guidance for tradespeople working in England can be seen on the Government’s website. Similar guidance exists for Wales and Northern Ireland.

In Scotland, the Scottish government has advised that only urgent repairs and maintenance should be carried out at this time. See its full guidance here.

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