Hey! Ho! Lego!

lego staircase

Using Lego may be the first experience many of our builders had of the construction trade, but it seems that the skill is not one you need to forget once you have picked up real bricks and a trowel, as more and more people are using Lego for real building and interiors projects. Sean Kenney's staircase project in New York City is a case in point. It uses the tiny bricks to create a stunning addition to a loft apartment. It is hard to think of a renovation that could be more of a talking point. Although if you attempt something similar you will have to make sure you cement the bricks together. Otherwise you may attempt to come downstairs in the morning only to find that your kids have turned it into a farm, police station or football stadium.

In other Lego news, designer Jason Freeny has been thinking deeply about what Lego people look like on the inside. You can see his dissection of a Lego building worker here.

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