Builders' Breakfast competition image

Everyone in the UK knows what a builders’ breakfast is, but no one can currently say for sure where the Best Builders’ Breakfast in Britain is served. Is it at a greasy spoon, a transport café, a roadside van or a fancy hotel? Here at MyBuilder we intend to finally answer that question, so we are asking the 65,000 tradesmen registered with us (and any other tradesmen too) to nominate the place that, in their opinion, serves the very finest of builders’ breakfasts. You can nominate until 13 November.

We want you, the builders and tradesmen of Britain, to nominate the place that serves the most delicious breakfast. In return we are offering the chance to win breakfast for four at the winning venue and a year’s free membership at MyBuilder. All that you have to do is give us details of the café, restaurant or food van that serves the finest breakfast you have ever had. It could be your regular morning pit stop or a café near to a job where you have had a particularly fine builders’ breakfast.

We really want to hear who YOU think offers the Best Builders’ Breakfast in Britain. If you want, you can also tell us what you think a breakfast should or should not include. Is black pudding a must? Do you hate baked beans? Maybe you know of an Indian, Aussie, Turkish or Polish breakfast place that you prefer to the local greasy spoon? Or maybe you are a builder from overseas who has developed a taste for the traditional full English/Scottish/Welsh breakfast. Remember, you win one year’s free membership at MyBuilder as well as breakfast for four at the winning venue if you are the one who nominates it*. You don’t need to be a MyBuilder member to nominate your favourite café or diner, although if you sign up you will find yourself getting more work in your area.

Just post your nomination in the comments below. Feel free to send us photos or more on your ideal breakfast to  We will post the best photos of cafés and breakfasts on the blog, as well as giving your business a plug too. Please include as much detail as you can about the address of your nominee so that we let them know they have been nominated and send them a sticker for their window, so they can let everyone else know too.

All nominated cafés etc receive a ‘nominated’ sticker for their window, so make yourself popular in your favourite breakfast venue by nominating them!


* In the event of more than one person nominating the winner we will draw lots to decide the winning tradesman. Any current membership will be extended for one year.

** This competition is run by and is not administered by Channel4. Over 18s only.