Green Homes Grant: What it means for you

Hundreds of thousands of homes across England can benefit this year from a new Green Homes Grant, which offers thousands of pounds for making energy efficiency improvements to your home.

We’ve broken down exactly what this could mean for your home, and how you can get involved.

If you're not in England, see what's available elsewhere in the UK here.

What exactly is a Green Homes Grant?

The Green Homes Grant scheme was announced earlier this year as part of a £2bn government package to improve the green credentials of homes in England.

The government has said it wants around 600,000 homes to benefit from the scheme, which will see them pay for a share of certain home improvement jobs that will make your home more energy efficient.


How much money can I get with a Green Homes Grant?

The scheme will see the government pay for two-thirds of the cost of the work, up to a value of £5,000. So for example, if you had an insulation job that costs £3,000, you would pay £1,000, while the government would give a voucher to cover the other £2,000.

If you’re in receipt of certain benefits, such as Employment Support Allowance (ESA), Universal Credit, or Child Tax Credits, you may be entitled to receive a voucher of up to £10,000, which will cover the entire cost of the job.

What kind of home improvements are covered?

Home improvements that are eligible to receive vouchers are split into two types, described as primary and secondary measures.

To receive a voucher, you must undertake one of the primary measures. If you have a primary measure carried out, you will also be able to apply for a voucher for a secondary measure, though the value of this cannot exceed the cost of the primary measure.


What are the primary measures?

The primary measures which form the basis of the scheme fall into two parts - insulation, and low-carbon heating.

Insulation works includes:

  • Solid wall
  • Cavity wall
  • Underfloor
  • Loft
  • Flat roof
  • Room in roof
  • Park homes

If your home is already properly insulated, then you will able to apply for a voucher for installing low-carbon heating, which covers:

  • Air source heat pump
  • Ground source heat pump
  • Solar thermal
  • Biomass pellet boilers

The vouchers cannot be used to replace insulation or low carbon heating that you already have, though they can be used to top-up insulation that doesn’t meet current standards.

What are the secondary measures?

If you have a primary measure done, you can apply for a secondary measure, which covers a much broader variety of improvements. These include:

  • Draught-proofing
  • Double or triple glazing
  • Secondary glazing
  • Energy efficient doors
  • Hot water tank thermostats and insulation
  • Heating controls such as smart thermostats

As with insulation, you won’t be able to replace existing double glazing under the scheme.


Who can do the work?

Tradespeople must be registered with the government’s TrustMark scheme or with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme. All the eligible tradespeople are listed on the government Simple Energy Advice site.

If you post a relevant insulation job on MyBuilder, you will be able to say if you intend for the job to be part of the scheme, so eligible tradespeople can get in touch.

How long do I have to claim a voucher?

The scheme is set to run until the end of March 2021.

Can I get a voucher for work I’ve already done?

No - the voucher will only cover work that is done during the running time of the scheme. But well done for being conscious about your carbon footprint and taking control of your bills!

Is it worth it?

The government estimates that good quality insulation and other measures can help save some homes around £600 a year on their energy bills, so depending on the scale of the work you do, it might not take long to see the savings.


What if I don't live in England?

There are other schemes running elsewhere in the UK.


In Scotland for example, you may qualify for the Warmer Homes Scotland scheme, if you have lived in your home for more than a year and receive certain benefits or a pension.

The Scottish government will cover the cost of works such as insulation and central heating improvements, or contribute an interest-free loan.


In Wales, there is a similar scheme called NEST that can also provide a range of measures to improve your home’s energy efficiency if you are eligible.

Northern Ireland

If you live in Northern Ireland, you might be able to make use of a Boiler Replacement Scheme grant, if your household income is below £40,000 a year and your boiler is more than 15 years old.

The Affordable Warmth Scheme is also available for individuals and families on incomes of less than £20,000 a year, with grants of up to £7,500 to make improvements such as insulating your home.

UK wide

Wherever you live, you should also check with your energy supplier to see what offers they have available.

Under the Energy Company Obligations (ECO) scheme, energy suppliers are obliged to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty, with a range of measures available for eligible customers that can help pay for boiler replacements and insulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace my boiler using the Green Homes Grant?

No, boiler replacements are not covered by the Green Homes Grant. However, installing a low carbon heating system, such as a ground source heat pump, is covered as long as the home is already insulated to standard. However, installing a low carbon heating system, such as a ground source heat pump, is covered as long as the home is already insulated to standard. Depending on where you live there may be other schemes that can help you with replacing a boiler.

Can I use a Green Homes Grant to replace my current windows and doors?

Installing thermally efficient doors or replacing single glazed windows with double glazing is covered by the Green Homes Grant as a secondary measure - meaning you will only be able to claim a voucher for these if you are already claiming for a voucher that covers primary work (insulation and low carbon heating). The value of the secondary voucher cannot be more than the value of the primary one. Replacing existing double glazing is not covered.

Can I use the Green Homes Grant to help pay for solar panels?

No, adding electricity-generating solar panels to your home is not covered by the Green Homes Grant, although solar thermal heating systems are included as a primary measure.

Where can I find out more about the Green Homes Grant?

Visit the government's site Simple Energy Advice to check your home's eligibility.


  1. Well thanks for that I have only just exchanged my bath for a shower costing £3000 and now you tell me I could have had a grant if I had waited a couple of weeks,doesnt seem fair Edith Booth

  2. Can the grant be used for damp proof course and additional sxkets as we only have 1 socket in each room except the kitchen. Insulstion rewuired at rear of

  3. We are thinking of having double glazing installed can we claim for a grant

  4. I’ve been told to quality the work must cover at least 67% of the house. Is this correct please?

  5. @Edith: Replacing a bath with a shower wouldn't be covered by the GHG, so you can rest easy that you didn't miss out in this case!

    @Mike: No, the GHG doesn't apply to damp proofing or installing new electrical sockets

    @Steve: Yes, you may be able to claim a GHG for double glazing as one of the approved secondary measures, but only if you are also claiming for a primary measure as well - insulation, or low carbon heating.

    @N Brooks: To our understanding, the work doesn't need to have any particular extent - the 67% coverage you've seen probably refers to the financial amount the grants will cover.

    For more information and to check your eligibility, you can refer to the Simple Energy Advice site:

    All best,


  6. I have some roof insulation but it is thin. Can I apply to have additional or more effective laid?

  7. Does this work for shared ownerships or are they exempt.

  8. The government initially said all home owners but have once again changed it to having to be on benefits! Another kick in the teeth for hardworking tax payers. Very cross!!!

  9. Mine is an old house and extremely cold. It's exhausting thinking of what needs doing. How do I know what insulation needs doing. Can any builder access a house and advise on it?

  10. @Michael: Yes, if your current insulation is too thin to meet recommended standards, you should be able to top it up.

    @Deana: Yes, shared ownership properties are eligible for claiming a GHG.

    @Adrienne: The majority of homeowners should be eligible for grants of up to £5,000, regardless of whether or not they receive certain benefits. However, those who do claim certain benefits will be able to claim for a larger grant which might cover the entirety of the work.

    @Jenny: You should be able to speak to any insulation specialist who will be able to make a recommendation for what work would be the most beneficial and give you a quote for the cost - if you wish to claim under the GHG, you should ensure that the tradesperson you hire is on the register of approved installers.

    All best,


  11. I have double glazing but its 19 years old.. can I replace with triple glazing under this scheme?

  12. Can adding a porch with energy efficient doors be claimed for as part of the scheme to help insulation of the house

  13. I’m looking to do a huge amount of work in the very near future, including insulating a conservatory roof. How do I find out how much (If any) of the work I need done is eligible? The rules are confusing.

  14. Which category is boiler replacement primary or secondary?

  15. @Christopher: Unfortunately, replacing double glazing isn't currently covered by the GHG.

    @S Manclark: While the GHG would not apply to building a porch, it may be that it would cover the installation of thermally efficient doors as a secondary measure, if you were also having a primary measure carried out.

    @Fiona: We agree, it is very confusing! The best thing to do is check your eligibility on the website and see what might be covered:

    @Tomasz: Boiler replacements are not covered by the GHG scheme, however your energy provider should have more information on any help that might be available if you are looking to make a change.

    All best,


  16. Hi. Can I get solar panels under the grant? Also, how can I check how good my existing double glazed windows are? I don’t know when they were installed defo more than 6 years old but a couple don’t close properly unless I push them from outside lol. The dbl glazed front door is a bit draughty as well. I had a quote for cavity wall insulation a while back but was told I need a lot of pointing work so the total cost would be worth what I saved re insulating the walls 😔

  17. My garage is part of my bungalow with no insulation and blows a gail through the house if I convert it into a room could I get a grant, also could I get solar panels.

  18. I’m on child tax credit and I need new window and door can you help

  19. @Tina: Solar panel installation isn't covered by the GHG, and existing double glazing cannot be replaced using the grant either, however you may be eligible for a grant to install new insulation.

    @Marjorie: As above, solar panels aren't covered, but if you were fitting insulation as part of your conversion project it may be eligible.

    @Nadeem: Depending on the windows and doors you may be able to claim money under the GHG, if you are also undertaking a primary measure such as insulation. Check the website to see what might be available for you:

    All best,


  20. My outer door is not in good condition and air passes through it, I have two windows in attic they need to be changed.
    My garden needs to spray with a professional weed killer company would this scheme help

  21. Is pip one of the qualifying benefits for the full amount, and if so would this cover having solar panels installed

  22. part of my kitchen one side approx 10 ftx 4ft is wooden window with flat roof above old very drafty and insecure could i get help

  23. On the insualtion options, is injected foam cavity wall covered or is it just cheap blown mineral fibre?
    We would also like to have our roof struture insualted with spray foam forming a warm roof, would this be covered or is roof insualtion limited to cheap mineral fibre as well?
    Mineral fibre insulation is not the correct insualtion for all needs!!

  24. We have a c40m2 failing flat roof (cold roof construction) with poor insulation and are commissioning someone (belongs to competent roofer scheme etc) to convert to warm roof to bring up to modern building regs for insulation). Do I have to ensure the work starts only once the scheme kicks in?

  25. Flat roof insulation

    Does anyone know a company that can supply and fit this !

  26. Benefit driven no doubt not on benefit can't claim. That's normally the case.

  27. Our bungalow has double glazing but they are over 30 years old, all windows are shot and have no locks on the handles and cannot open the windows on a catch rather than been fully open. Could we have the windows replaced under the grant?

  28. I am renting privately. My landlord says he can't afford to put in double glazing. My house is cold and drafty. I'm also worried that the windows are unsafe

    Do landlords qualify. I would like to send some information to him if they do.

  29. Hi I'm thinking of getting a conservatory at the back of my house and also replacing my houses double glazing as the wind comes through sometimes would u be eligible for this. Also is child benefit included in the scheme as one of the bennerfits.

  30. Do we qualify for a good door as ours is not that good and when opened you will walk straight into the living room.mrs Greenwood

  31. Hi there,
    Looking to have an extension built this year, part of the plans include adding insulation to existing solid wall to improve insulation, could i get grant money for this? Secondary would be the energy efficient double glazing going into the extension?

  32. can an old insulated upvc door be replaced?

  33. Can a tenant apply on a rented property. My tenant probably qualifies for financial aid but as the landlord I probably don’t. Many single glazed windows currently in the property . Thanks

  34. I have a loft extension with a flat roof which is very cold. Would this qualify for insulation grant?

  35. I am on child credit can you help on floor heating please

  36. I have only 4 inches insulation in my front door is wooden single glaze. Back garden 35 year old patio doors are falling. The alumanium double glazing has seen its days . What can i qualify for government grant.thanks

  37. Our old double glazed windows some have blown .Would we be able to change these to triple glazing under the scheme as where we live is open to the wind and cold blowing through these windows as are fitted badly we are on pension credit so I think we will qualify for the grant.

  38. i live in a large old house, there is minimal insulation in the roof, you can see the roof slates from inside the loft areas, if this area was covered as a primary area, could i claim for a ground source heat pump to help warm up the house too, either through cellar floor vents or such like. there is no central heating, at present the house is heated throughout by wood burning stoves, which are fed from fallen branches and occasionally trees which blow down in the vicinity

  39. @Mahira: Garden weeds are beyond the scope of the GHG, but your windows and doors may be eligible as long as you are also undertaking a primary measure such as installing insulation.

    @Gary: PIP is one of the benefits that might entitle you to claim up to £10,000, however fitting solar panels is not covered by the GHG.

    @James: If you're installing insulation for the flat roof this should be eligible, and you may then be able claim for your window as a secondary measure.

    @Ian: The current guidance does not specify what insulation methods are covered, it would definitely be worth checking in your instance.

    @Mark: Yes, work that has been previously carried out before the start of the scheme will not be covered.

    @Lee: Visit and describe your job to be put in touch with local insulation fitters

    @John: The GHG is available to the majority of homeowners regardless of whether or not they receive benefits - however, they may affect how much someone can claim

    @Sanne: Under the current guidance, replacing existing double glazing is not covered.

    @Lesley: Yes, landlords do qualify to apply for a GHG.

    @Mrs Greenwood: You may be able to replace your door, but only if you also carrying out a primary measure such as installing insulation.

    @Maya: The GHG is primarily intended for improving existing homes so you would have to check whether insulation and glazing for new building work is covered.

    @Sue: As above, installing thermally efficient doors is considered a secondary measure so wouldn't be eligible on its own.

    @Mark: Landlords are eligible to apply.

    @Margaret: Yes, roof insulation is covered by the GHG as a primary measure.

    @Nadarajah: Underfloor heating is not covered by the GHG, though floor insulation is.

    @Jat: If your loft insulation does not meet current standards you may be eligible to top it up - if so, you may also be able to apply for a secondary measure for doors and windows.

    @Julie: Replacing double glazing is not covered under the current guidance.

    @Colin: Yes, if you are eligible to install roof insulation and bring your home's insulation up to standard, you may then be eligible to install a ground source heat pump.

  40. How can I apply for this grant , for windows and door

  41. I own a flat in a 215 year old house. I am unhappy about my large skylight which leaks and is only single glazed, also my windows are old and cannot be double glazed due to restrictions on this Grade 2 listed house. Does this new grant cover any of my windows or the skylight?

  42. Great information

  43. Can I have my flat roof of my garage repaired also the wood under the tarpaulin is rotten. It is not attached to the flat it is down stairs in a row of garages .Thank you

  44. Can I get a new front door for my flat ? My son is on Uni credit and disabled .Thank you

  45. Im currently in a rented property and im in receipt of benefits so do i put in for the grant or my landlord.

  46. @user_322mw: Visit the Simple Energy Advice website to check your eligibility

    @Anne: Replacing single glazed windows is a secondary measure, so you may be eligible if you are also undertaking a primary measure - in your case, you would also need approval from your local authority to make any replacements.

    @Lynette: Roof replacement for a garage would not be covered by GHG - a new door may be eligible if also carrying out insulation work.

    @Pauline: It would be up to your landlord to apply for a GHG if they wanted to carry out any improvement works.

    All best,


  47. Do we need to pay for the builder to check what installations are needed in our property

  48. I had my gas fire removed by the council and replaced with an electric fire. My living room is 23ft and the electric fire does not give any warmth out it just blows a bit of cold warm air that chokes me.
    Also my loft needs insulation.
    Can i get any help

  49. How dose this scheme work i need new windows and front door. How do i find out if i can receive a grant before getting trade people in

  50. Hey would it be possible to have my roof replaced on my bungalow as this is where all my heat is lost thnks

  51. hi, what if i am accepted on the grant but then, befor work starts, the work cannot be done (for instance if an emergency come up or personal reasons) can i go it at a later date or is there a timeframe once accepted.

  52. @Mahira: Installers should give you a quote for what work can be carried out and the cost for free.

    @Sandy: Loft insulation is covered by the GHG, however, replacing a fireplace is not.

    @Leanne: Visit the Simple Energy Advice website to check your eligibility - doors and windows by themselves are not eligible, but may be if you are also installing insulation.

    @Sandra: Replacing your roof is not covered, however insulating your roof or loft could be.

    @Jenny: It is not clear from the current published guidance what would happen in that scheme, claims should be processed before the end of March 2021.

    All best,


  53. I need new windows and external doors.. I have already had insulation to roof done .. can I now get windows done?

  54. The mybuilder website, when posting a job that needs to happen under the Green Homes Grant scheme, automatically inserts a Note saying " The tradesperson will need to be Trustmark registered".

    However, it is my understanding that this is not sufficient. To be eligible for work under the scheme, a tradesperson needs to be CERTIFIED either to PAS2030 standards OR be MCS certified. Being registered with TrustMark is not enough.

    In other words, trades that are TrustMark registered but do not have PAS2030 certification CANNOT undertake work under the scheme.

    Please let me know if my understanding is not correct.

  55. @David: Window and door replacements are a secondary measure which will only be eligible if you are having a primary measure carried out as well.

    @John: You are correct - TrustMark covers a wide variety of trades, so in order to be registered for GHG work tradespeople must be signed up with TrustMark with a relevant certification, ie PAS2030. The full list of tradespeople currently registered is available on the Simple Energy Advice website.

    All best,


  56. I live in an early 20th century timber frame externally rendered bungalow, internally walls are plasterboard and skim, there is minimal insulation in the walls. Could I use the grant to have the walls covered with externally fixed insulation?

  57. Hi can you tell me if my household qualify for the grant. I have had a new boiler and cavity wall insulation done in March this year and would like to up grade my windows.

    Many thanks for any help. Martin.

  58. I need to replace two 25 year old storage heaters with more energy efficient ones. Electricity bills could then hopefully be significantly reduced.
    With thanks.

  59. Can the grant go towards broken rendering at the back of my home

  60. I’m a home owner, currently on WTC and CTC. I have a very old front door 1930’s would this be something the voucher covered?
    Windows are Double glazed but some mist up is that covered too?
    How do we claim the voucher if I am entitled please?

  61. @Brian: Yes, that certainly sounds like something that should be eligible for a GHG.

    @Martin: Unfortunately the GHG will not cover work that has already been completed before the launch of the scheme.

    @Sheila: Replacing storage heaters is not currently covered by the GHG.

    @Denise: Unless you were installing insulation as part of the repairs process, repairing rendering would not be covered.

    @Sarah: Replacing doors is covered as a secondary measure, but only if you are also undertaking primary work such as fitting new insulation.

    All best,


  62. Hi I’m interested to now can I get grant for may window

  63. I am thinking to install a solar thermal system under GHG, however a pure solar thermal system may not be that useful as there is not enough sunlight to provide the hot water required for central heating in the winter, can I get a solar thermal and solar pv hybrid system instead?

  64. Is external cladding part of the scheme? We have a wall that is constantly battered by wind and rain. It's caused huge amounts of mold and damp in the bedroom and kitchen below.

  65. @Kawsar: Installing double glazing is covered, though only as a secondary measure if going ahead with work such as installing insulation.

    @Ken: Good question - some of the guidance around low carbon heating systems isn't fully fleshed out - an installer may know more.

    @Carol: Cladding isn't covered, but external insulation should be.

    All best,


  66. I’m a pensioner 81 on benefits , my double glazing is over 25 yrs old nd was second hand frm another house ‘ I’ve blown interiors on some windows condensation in between glass - some are rusty nd corroded inside the glass they are very drafty very cold air around the window area ... is there anyway I could qualify for replacement windows I get pension credit nd disabled a widow into the bargain ... oh how I’d love new windows mine really are in a dreadful state ... thank you

  67. I don't receive any means tested benefits, although I do receive PIP, and my daughter who cares for me receives Carer's Allowance, so I was optimistic that we might get a 100% grant to help with cavity wall insulation, based upon what you say.

    HOWEVER, my local council (normally known for avoiding spending money on things to help local people) states on their website "You may be able to receive a higher level of subsidy if you are a homeowner and either you or a member of your household receives one of the qualifying means-tested benefits, covering 100% of the cost of the improvements." - this says nothing about people on PIP etc??? What do you recommend? Thanks

  68. Hi,
    I own my own house it is pretty energy efficient, other than the loft needs insulating. (primary)
    I also have a small single glazed window in my bathroom.
    Would I get DG door front & back also (seconardy) as they currently aren't.
    I get qualify benefits due to ill health

  69. @Joyce - Unfortunately at the moment the grant only covers replacing single glazing, as a secondary measure, so your job may not be eligible.

    @Nick - Try filling out the questionnaire on the Simple Energy Advice website - if you own your home, you may be eligible for a fully funded grant:

    @Kel - Those jobs sound like exactly the kind of work that GHGs are designed to cover.

    All best,


  70. i live in the northeast of england i own my own home i was wondering can you tell me can you get spray foam loft insulation on the green deal grant

  71. I’m looking at replacing my garage door for an insulated garage door would that be covered in the GHG, I’m thinking this would be in the secondary category though, would I be able to get the garage roof insulated in the primary category then?

  72. @John - Yes, as far as we are aware spray foam loft insulation is covered as part of the GHG

    @Sharon - We are unsure if garage doors are covered, but if they are you correct that it would be a secondary measure - roof insulation is a primary measure as you said.

    All best,


  73. I have a house with stone walls plus a flat roof to an old extension neither have any insulation.
    Does the GHG cover insulation for this type of building.
    Thank you

  74. I'm about to buy a house and want to convert the garage into a room. This would require insulation and a double glazed window etc. Would any of this be covered by the GHG?

  75. Is roughcasting included in Scotland?

  76. @Sue - Yes, from the government's advice, solid wall insulation and flat roof insulation should be eligible.

    @Lewis - As long as the work helps to insulate the home, it is likely to be covered.

    @William - Roughcasting is not included as far as we are aware.

    All best,


  77. I'm in Ireland is there a similar scheme here as the one we had or still have is if ur house was built b4 a certain year or so many years old u would b entitled to the grant but ours was too young, please let me know


    Response from MyBuilder:

    In Northern Ireland you may have access to the Boiler Replacement Grant scheme or the Affordable Warmth scheme depending on your income:

    All best,

    Josh MyBuilder

  78. I am receiving Child benefit and would like to do loft insulation, draught-proof door etc. Is the govt scheme support these for?


    Response from MyBuilder:

    Yes, the GHG is designed to encourage works like loft insulation and draught-proof doors, and you may be entitled to up to £10,000 of total support depending on what benefits you receive.

    All best,


  79. I have concrete floors so think I would qualify. But instead of doing the whole of downstairs which would be a major job as well as having to change electrics, skirting etc Could I just get one floor done? My conservatory which I have already had the roof replaced with a guardian roof or does it have to be all of the floors?
    Thank you


    Response from MyBuilder:

    There is no set lower limit on the value of work you can carry out under the GHG, so insulating a single floor may be eligible.

    All best,


  80. Hi, I am in the process of getting quotes to replace my old roof tiles and remove the top section of our chimney.
    While the work is being done I would like to replace the old loft installation.
    Could any of the works be covered under the new scheme?


    Response from MyBuilder:

    Replacement for existing insulation isn't covered by the GHG, but if your current loft insulation isn't up to current standards you may be able to top it up under the scheme.

    All best,


  81. I have a 1930 semi with cavity walls, is external insulation of this type of walls covered by the grant. Thanks


    Response from MyBuilder:

    Both cavity wall and solid wall external insulation should be covered by the GHG.

    All best,


  82. Do you pay for the work upfront or claim for the voucher prior to any works carried out


    Response from MyBuilder:

    The process should work as follows:

    - Decide what work you want to be done and check it is eligible on the Simple Energy Advice site
    - Get quotes for the work from tradespeople who are signed up with the scheme
    - Apply for the voucher on the government website, supplying all your details, the value of the quote and the tradesperson's TrustMark number:
    - If the application is successful, you'll be emailed a voucher, and can begin work
    - Once completed, you will pay your share, and the tradesperson will send you a dated invoice to redeem the voucher, with the grant paid directly to the tradesperson.

    All best,


  83. My conservatory roof need to be insulted. Is it ok to get green grant?

    Response from MyBuilder:

    Conservatory roofs are not specifically listed as a category in the guidelines, so it would be worth inquiring further with the scheme.

    All best,


  84. I am a pensioner on benefits and have problems with both knees, for my safety I need to replace my existing bath tub with a safe and secure shower and step-in bath tub. Is this covered under the Grant Scheme? Dani


    Response from MyBuilder:

    Unfortunately the GHG scheme is specifically focussed on jobs that will improve a home's energy efficiency, such as insulation. Installing a new bath will not be covered.

    All best,


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