MyBuilder gets Good Housekeeping Reader Thumbs Up

MyBuilder has become the first find a tradesperson service to achieve a ‘Reader Recommended’ endorsement from Good Housekeeping readers.

After putting us through our paces, 94% of 155 surveyed Good Housekeeping readers who'd used MyBuilder said they'd use us again, and 90% said they'd recommend MyBuilder to a friend as a quick and reliable way to find good quality tradespeople.

Since the GHI first opened its doors in 1924 they have rigorously tested and reviewed consumer products and services to find the very best.

The Reader Recommended accolade is the culmination of a rigorous reader research survey overseen by the institute’s respected experts.

Good Housekeeping readers who hired a tradesperson using MyBuilder in the past 12 months were asked to rate the service against four main criteria – performance, overall acceptability, propensity to use again and whether they would recommend it to friends.

In the end, 92% of the readers who tested the service said their experience with MyBuilder was good or excellent.

A panel of consumers undertook the survey under the guidance of experts at the Institute. Testing protocols and feedback questionnaires were also developed by the GHI.

“We’re incredibly proud to be the very first service of our kind to be Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended,” said Ryan Notz, founder and CEO of MyBuilder.

“When I started MyBuilder, it was clear to me that the process of finding a tradesperson was broken. Homeowners weren't sure how to find good tradespeople, and tradespeople struggled to find reliable work.

"This commendation is a ringing endorsement that means all the hard work was worth it. The figures presented by the Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended survey prove that our dedication and hard work is really valued by our customers.”

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