Give your bedroom a boost


When’s the last time you gave your bedroom a bit of TLC? Studies show that we spend about 26 years of our lives asleep - and another 7 in the bedroom.

That’s why it’s so important to get it right. Whether you want a calming and relaxing feel to help drift off to sleep or a lively room that’s bursting with personality, here are our four favourite ways to sharpen up your bedroom.


Freshen it up

When you lie in bed at night, do you see crisp edges and fresh paint? Or is it scuffed paint and dated décor?

Redecorating makes a big difference - and it’s not as much of an upheaval as you might think. Whether you want calm and soothing or bold and lively, professional decorators can speed through a bedroom transformation.

They’ll simply move your bed and furniture away from the walls, cover things up with protective cloths and get cracking. Then as soon as the paint dries, it’ll feel like a brand new room.


Sort your storage

Fighting bedroom clutter is a constant battle – and nobody likes a room that’s covered with clothes!

So take a look at your room and think of the storage opportunities. This doesn’t always mean a bigger wardrobe: it might be wall shelves or hanging organisers. Or chests of drawers. Under-bed storage. Handy baskets. Even shoe-racks.

If you’re going for flat-pack furniture, it’s a good idea to have it built by a handyman or woman and properly attached to your wall. For things like cupboards and drawers, wall fixing stops them tipping over and stops them flexing when you open doors or drawers – which means they last much longer.

Or for a real touch of luxury, consider built-in wardrobes. An expert carpenter can talk you through the options. It’s quite common to use pre-made cabinets and fit them to the space you have available. Made to measure storage is perfect for awkwardly shaped rooms.


See bedtime in a fresh light

Great bedroom lighting can make a big difference to your sleep routine. The right lighting will feel warm and cozy at night, then bright and energising when you wake up.

The first step is normally adding more lights: floor lamps, wall fixtures, reading lights or bedside lamps. You can add electrical sockets or have new lights built in. We’re big fans of dimmer switches too, so you can dial the intensity up or down - though we suggest avoiding harsh spotlights and downlights.

If you want to turbo-charge your lighting, think about smart lighting. You can set up different lighting scenes for different moods. And more advanced systems can even change the light’s colour throughout the day from bright white daylight to warm yellow evening lighting.


Bedrooms and bathrooms

Have you thought about adding an en suite? We don’t all have the option, but it’s easier than ever before to add a bit of everyday luxury.

You need surprisingly little room for a shower, sink and toilet. So if you’ve got an adjoining box room, a bedroom you can partition or any spare space, it’s well worth considering.

The plumbing might be less of a headache than you expect too. Modern systems can use small diameter waste pipes with macerators that run more quietly than ever before.

So why not give your bedroom a boost today? We bet you’ll end up spending more time in there than ever before…

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