General Election 2015 - How tradesmen and builders intend to vote

One million people in the UK are tradesmen, with the upcoming General Election 2015 we polled our members to find out how they are intending to vote and what matters most to them in British politics. We produced an infographic with the results:

What are your thoughts? What is important to you an how do you intend to vote for this election?

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  1. Living in Edinburgh traditionaly a strong Conservative stronghold i will not be part of voting for more of the same top down policy which does little for the working class. I might have been labour but they are indifferent! Logic says vote for someone who can instigate the greatest changes to improve inner investment and the fortunes of the working classes.
    I am an architect and a builder and would stress the gap between those who have and have not is widening. Invest in the NHS not by privatisation forget PPP its false investment for you and I. Lining the bankers pockets is not the way forward

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