Friday Finds

Happy Friday! Thanks for joining our first week of blogging. Each week, we’ll be bringing you a range of interesting products to drool over. This week, it’s all about getting more green into your life!

  1. Greenbook - It’s a bookshelf and a planter all in one and a great way to squeeze some green into your home.

  2. The Terrarium side table has a glass top to let you see your plants growing!

  3. The Kokon Modern Pet House - for when you want to save space and keep your herb garden where your furry friend can’t get to it.

  4. Urbis Planters are cool little modular magnetic planters - put them on the wall or on your fridge.

  5. Flower Grenades are a nifty way to get some flowers growing in random spots - either around your garden or in the community.

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