Fix broken hearts with MyBuilder LoveLeads

UPDATE: We hope you enjoyed our 2021 April Fool's gag - but we're going to stay focused on helping tradespeople find work, not romance...


Since 2004, MyBuilder has helped match up needy homeowners with talented tradespeople.

With millions of jobs posted, we’ve helped countless people find each other to get their home improvement jobs sorted.

Following our amazing track record for helping tradespeople find work, we’ve finally turned our attention to helping them find something else - love.

Introducing MyBuilder LoveLeads

Instead of broken boilers, our great tradespeople can now focus on fixing broken hearts across the country with our innovative new LoveLeads tool.

Making use of our unique proprietary algorithms, MyBuilder LoveLeads is a unique solution to the conundrum of modern dating, that will help pair you with your dream date.


Simply add LoveLeads to your trade profile to start getting LoveLeads in your area that match your skills. Express interest in any of the leads you like and they can add you to their shortlist, when you’ll be able to contact them with a verified telephone number.

John April of First Look Decorating was one of the MyBuilder LoveLeads testers.

He said: “I was really struggling to find love through word of mouth and using ads in the local paper. But when I added LoveLeads to my MyBuilder profile, I couldn’t believe how many leads were coming in every day. It really helped me fill up my diary - I’m booked up until summer.”

Of course, feedback is at the heart of everything MyBuilder does, so make sure your LoveLead is left completely satisfied to help improve your profile.

MyBuilder is committed to building up the trades in the UK, and hopes that LoveLeads can help in creating the next generation of tradespeople.

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