Five jobs that are having a moment


If you’ve spotted a spate of skips on streets around you recently, you’re not alone. The home improvement bug is biting hard as better weather takes hold and people dream of making changes to their properties.

We’ve broken down some of the most popular jobs that are happening right now - see if your dream project is one of them...


Kitchen refurbs

Perhaps it’s because we’ve spent the best part of a year unable to go to restaurants and forced to cook at home, but lots of us seem to be ready to call it quits with our current kitchens and upgrade to something better.

It shouldn’t be a surprise - our kitchens already work hard, particularly so in the past 12 months where for lots of us they’ve also functioned as offices and classrooms. When they need to do so much, it makes sense to invest in a set-up that really works, with integrated appliances, a smart use of storage space, and a layout that fits for your family.

Kitchen fitters are hard at work but if you book ahead you’ll have time to find the right design for your space, and create a kitchen that will be the centre of your home for years to come.


Bathroom upgrades

Like kitchens, our bathrooms go through a lot, having to function as everything from post-workout changing rooms to relaxing spa experiences.

If your bathroom is drab and tired, with cracked tiles, mouldy grout and a suite that’s seen better days, it might be time to invest in your own upgrade. There’s an enormous range of products out there to suit every taste, from sleek modern designs to traditional fittings, as well as tiling and accessories to suit every budget.

As with kitchens, it pays to book ahead and fight the right bathroom installer for your job, and focus on finding the right products for your bathroom, and create a room that suits your situation.



It’s not a shock that there’s been a boom in DIY over the past year. With shops like Homebase and B&Q remaining open throughout the pandemic and people spending more time than ever indoors, lots of us have found an opportunity to put up new wallpaper or repaint scuffed skirting boards.

Whether you have grander plans in mind, or need to move on from a DIY disaster (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone), then it’s worth getting the professionals in - after all, no one wants to spend the next few years looking at their mistakes.

Painters and decorators dedicate their careers to getting a perfect finish, and can execute any design you come up with. Get one booked in now and you could even have rooms ready for when indoor entertaining returns...


Storage solutions

Storage has been one of the big sticking points of recent times - with people crammed in their homes surrounded by their things, lots of us have felt a bit suffocated by the sheer amount of stuff we seem to own.

There’s been a spike in people hiring carpenters to get out of that conundrum, putting our woodworkers to work creating bespoke storage solutions, from crafty understairs cupboards to fully fitted bespoke wardrobes. When it comes to storage, it really is out of sight, out of mind - and a smart use of space can really help sort things out.

When it comes to storage solutions, it’s important to work with a carpenter to see what makes sense for your space, so hire one today to see what might work in your home.


Hiring handymen

With so many small jobs around the home that need doing, handymen have never been in more demand. Whether it’s putting up shelves, assembling flat pack furniture, clearing out garden waste, or any of the hundreds of other things that need doing, there’s an army of handymen and women out there putting in the hours.

You no doubt have plenty of your own jobs that a handyman could take on, so why delay? Post your job today and find someone to tackle your task - your neighbours have already started...

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