Exclusive MyBuilder Offer for VictoriaPlum.com Trade Customers

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Claim your £50 credit

Looking for new leads? With over 70,000 jobs posted each month, MyBuilder.com is a great way to fill gaps in your schedule.

MyBuilder is free to join, and there are no subscription fees. You only pay a small fee when homeowners respond to your interest. There is nothing else to pay, ever.

As an exclusive offer to VictoriaPlum.com trade customers, sign up to MyBuilder.com before the 31st July, tell us you came through VictoriaPlum.com, and get £50 credit on your account. With bathroom leads starting as low as £5, you’ll have more than enough to hit the ground running!

*Terms and conditions apply

Terms and Conditions

  1. Offer is open to new MyBuilder trade members, subject to approval
  2. £50 credit will be added to your account and used exclusively for shortlist fees
  3. Only applies to shortlists that occur after you have accepted the offer
  4. Once claimed, voucher will be valid for six months
  5. One voucher per member
  6. Offer only valid until 31st July 2017
  7. No cash equivalent
  8. MyBuilder reserves the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time
  9. MyBuilder terms and conditions apply

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