Don't DIY! Why go it alone?

During the lockdown, many homeowners have taken the opportunity to tackle DIY projects. While we all love the satisfaction that comes with taking on a job ourselves, if you’re in any doubt at all, you shouldn't be afraid to leave it to the experts. Hiring a great quality tradesman can help ensure a job is done to a true professional standard - and leave you free to enjoy your spare time in plenty of other ways.

Hiring a tradesman can also help keep you safe - every year, thousands of well-meaning home improvement enthusiasts become part of a terrifying statistic - one of the 220,000 people who wind up in hospital after their DIY goes wrong, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). We've looked at some of the most common sources of accidents, and suggested the best people to hire if you're in any doubt.

Knives and scalpels

Care has to be taken with anything sharp, especially if you’re cutting something tough like a carpet. Many people try and fit their own carpet or lino, but an experienced carpet fitter can ensure it’s all properly measured, fitted, and done without getting any blood on the pile.


With saws, it’s not just the sharp blades that are the issues, it’s people cutting on unsuitable surfaces, where the material being cut isn’t properly secured. If you haven’t invested in a work bench or other solution when you’re trying to prepare your shelves or skirting board, find a carpenter or joiner who will be well-equipped to tackle any job.



The humble screwdriver may not seem like the most threatening item in the toolbox, but a quick slip is all it takes for someone to wind up in A&E. Whatever you’re trying to get done with the humble flathead, consider hiring a handyman who will be well versed in all sorts of quick fixes around the home.

As well as tools, materials are the source of thousands of accidents as well.

Paving / Concrete blocks

Any heavy items can cause problems if not handled properly - either slipping onto toes and fingers, or causing back and other injuries from being carried without proper technique. Driveway pavers and landscaping specialists are used to dealing with all sorts of heavy items and installing them properly and safely.

Paint and paint pots

A tin of white emulsion isn’t the most foreboding object, but thousands still wind up hospitalised after misusing it. One of the most common issues is people painting ceilings and getting paint drips in their eyes. A painter and decorator who is familiar with their materials and techniques can get a perfect finish without any nasty accidents along the way.

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