Building a partnership with Mates in Mind

At MyBuilder we know that a career on the tools is rewarding but also very demanding - even at the best of times. With the added pressures resulting from the impact of COVID-19, for many the going is pretty tough.

Whilst we know a lot about the job of being a tradesperson - MyBuilder was founded by a former stonemason and our staff includes former tradespeople - we don’t profess to be experts in mental health, a topic that’s rightly getting a lot more attention these days.

Thankfully, there is an organisation whose entire mission is to improve mental health in the construction sector and, given that it’s a stressful time, we felt it was a good opportunity to team up with them.

We’re proud to have partnered with Mates in Mind to offer free mental health support to our registered professional tradespeople and back the charity’s mission of getting mental health on the agenda in our sector.

Our first joint initiative is to offer free support sessions for MyBuilder’s trade customers. The interactive online sessions, with an experienced mental health expert, offer MyBuilder-registered tradespeople the opportunity to explore how the current environment is potentially impacting their wellbeing and learn how to spot issues in themselves and colleagues.

Participants learn how to develop successful coping strategies for stressful situations and support colleagues who may be struggling, plus hear about other support services available. Following the sessions, there's the opportunity to become part of the Mates in Mind community and receive ongoing access to a range of services and resources.

To learn more about the initiative and details of other mental health resources available to you, read our advice guide.


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